Archbold Expedition to New Guinea, 1938-1939.

Film of the "discovery" of the Grand (Baliem) Valley

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Creator: Archbold, Richard Aviator-explorer (1907-1976)

Title:   Richard Archbold Expedition to Papua New Guinea, 1938-1939

Phy. Description:  1,526 ft (55 min) silent color video

Summary: Footage documenting the third Archbold expedition which was a joint
	 effort of the American Museum of Natural History and the government of the
	 Netherlands Indies. Dyaks recruited in Borneo provided porterage and basic
	 transport was by a PBY-2 (Catalina) flying-boat named "Guba" which was flown
	 by Archbold. Areas visited included: northern slopes of Snow Mountains from the
	 Baliem River to Lake Habbema, Mt. Wilhelmina, lowlands and mountains of the
	 middle Idenburg River region, and the high valley of the Baliem.

Subject - Geographical:  Oceania

Repository Loc: Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center,
		Suitland, MD

Local Number:   HSFA 93.27.1

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