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Chronology of Papua (Irian Jaya, West Papua, ...)

Compiled by Michael Cookson
(Last modified – January 6, 2004)

This Chronology of Papua has been created for distribution via the Papuaweb research project and records events focussed on the post World War II period in Papua. It is the hope of the project staff that readers will make authoritative additions to this chronology by elaborating on existing entries and contributing new entries to make the chronology more comprehensive. To ensure that the chronology remains as accurate as possible additions should be supported by any form of available documentation (or some other way to verify dates and events through news reports, etc). Please send comments or additional entries to infopapuaweb.org.

This chronology has been compiled from the following sources which are indicated by an abbreviation in square brackets. This has been done in an effort to maintain the veracity of the chronology:

      Ballard (notes for review articles in Contemporary Pacific) – [cb]
      Blaskett 1989 (PhD Dissertation)- [bab]
      Dinnissen illustrated chronology - [pd]
      Elder 2002 (notes on news sources in PNG about Papua) - [pe]
      Glazebrook 2001 (PhD Dissertation) - [dja]
      GOI statements - [goi]
      Kirksey 2001 (notes on Kabar-Irian) - [sek]
      Saltford 2000 (PhD Dissertation) - [jfs]
      Timmer (notes and timelines on Bird's Head and Bintuni Bay area) - [jt]
      UN (Dept. of Public Information) on UNTEA - [un].

Eventually all the events in this list may be assigned keywords which will make it possible to extract chronologies of specific themes. The selection of keywords for these thematic chronologies will include reference to the following: major geographic regions; tribal groups (linked to linguistic regions); a history of (new) contacts; expeditions; political developments (transfer of territories, government legislation, government policy, boundaries of government, etc); violence (including cases of human rights abuses); military operations; dates of significance to religious institutions; and health (epidemics, diseases, famine). This is a provisional list and we welcome contributions to the chronology and suggestions for other keyword categories.

  © Copyright UNIPA - ANU - UNCEN PapuaWeb Project, 2002-2004.

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