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2001 January 02

PTFI resumes normal mining operations at Grasberg after being limited to 200,000 mtd throughput since the Lake Wanogon disaster. [cb]

2001 January 02

President Wahid visits Timika and delivers speech on Freeport’s past and future performance. [cb]

2001 January 03

ITB team announces that Lake Wanogon is capable of containing additional overburden from PTFI’s mining operations. [cb]

2001 January 08

Director General of Mining Surna Tjahya Djajadiningrat issues permission to Freeport to resume output of 230,000 tons of ore per day. [cb]

2001 January 08

A Navy CASA NC-212 aircraft crashes near Silimo in the Central Range, killing nine people, including Pangdam Maj. Gen. Tonny Antonius Rompis, provincial Police Chief Insp. Gen. Sumardi, the Speaker of the provincial parliament, Nathaniel Kaiway, head of the provincial prosecutor’s office Bismar Mannu, pilot Major Sutopo Waluyo, co-pilot First Lieut. Dedi Heryanto, governor’s adjutant Police Sergeant Jeheskia Z. Malu, First Sergeant Sultan and Ordinary Seaman Gunawan. [cb]

2001 January 09

MAF plane spots wreckage of plane. [cb]

2001 January 10

Komnas HAM announces plans for KPP HAM Papua commission to investigate the 6 December 2000 incident in Abepura. [cb]

2001 January 12

Bodies evacuated from naval air crash site to Timika. [cb]

2001 January 15

Wamena incident trials begin at Wamena District Court – 17 defendants. [cb]

2001 January 16

Presidium members Agustinus Alua, Willy Mandowen, Beatrix Kobur, and Rev, Ketty Yabansabra, questioned by police in Jayapura. [cb]

2001 January 16

Willem Onde’s OPM unit takes 11 workers from Korean logging company PT Tunas Korindo hostage near Asiki, 300km from Merauke, near the border with PNG. [cb]

2001 January 18

Two Korean negotiators and four or five others also taken hostage by Onde – now three Korean and 14/15 Indonesian hostages – one local hostage released to serve as messenger. [cb]

2001 January 19

Mass grave at Merauke examined, possibly containing the bodies of 11 men killed at a flag-raising on Dec 2 2000. [cb]

2001 January 19

Theys Eluay released from arrest in Jayapura for prostate and cardiovascular surgery in Jakarta. [cb]

2001 January 22

Maj. Gen. Mahidin Simbolon appointed as new military commander (Pangdam) for Trikora (Irian Jaya) by Lt. Gen. Kiki Syahnakri. [cb]

2001 January 22

Defence Minister Mohamad Mahfud warns that US and Australia have territorial designs on Irian Jaya. [cb]

2001 January 22

Max Rumbiak and Birmandus (TPN commanders in Bonggo area) surrender weapons seized from Kopassus on 24 December 2000. [cb]

2001 January 23

Wamena District Court proceeds with subversion trials of 17 defendants in relation to the 6 October 2000 clashes in Wamena. [cb]

2001 January 23

Mathias Wenda, George Kogoya and 11 other OPM arrested by PNG police in Vanimo area for illegal entry. [cb]

2001 January 24

Brig. Gen. I Made Mangku Pastika appointed Police Chief. [cb]

2001 January 26

Ban announced on visits by foreign journalists to Irian Jaya, Aceh and Maluku, adding to an existing ban on diplomatic travel to these three areas. This “ban” is “clarified” by Minister for Foreign Affairs Alwi Shihab on Jan 29 as a request that foreign journalists first seek ministry approval. [cb]

2001 January 28

13 of 16 hostages freed by Onde group. Three hostages (Kamilus Muyu, Kun Kwan and Lee Jong Myong) still held as guarantee of promised meeting with President Wahid. [cb]

2001 January 30

Earthquake measuring 5.8 on Richter scale hits Manokwari, Biak and Sorong. [cb]

2001 January 31

Reports of 400 refugees from Jayawijaya fleeing to Vanimo during December / January. [cb]

2001 February 03

4 Kopassus soldiers (3 from Group 4, 1 from Group 1) killed by OPM unit at PT Somalindo timber camp near Kuivar / Kuefa village in the Betaf area. One OPM member, possibly the leader Mesak Kawir / Dawin, also killed. [cb]

2001 February 03

OPM attack on Brimob defending a camp of logging company PT Dharma Mukti Persada at Wonggema Village, Wasior district, Manokwari. [cb]

2001 February 04

Betaf OPM return guns captured in attack on Kopassus. [cb]

2001 February 05

Pratu Sugianto (Brimob) killed in Nabire, possibly in clash with TNI troops. [cb]

2001 February 05

Three Kopassus and Kostrad troops injured in clash near Betaf. [cb]

2001 February 06

NY Times journalist encounters difficulties of access in a visit to Timika to prepare a story on Freeport. [cb]

2001 February 07

Three last Korindo hostages released by Willem Onde’s group. [cb]

2001 February 08

ElsHAM reports major military operation underway in Betaf, Sarmi, Tor Atas and Bonggo subdistricts in retaliation for Feb 3 deaths. [cb]

2001 February 09

ElsHAM reports police brutality towards prisoners of Wamena incident (6 October, 2000). [cb]

2001 February 22

On or before this date, Willem Onde visits Jakarta. [cb]

2001 February 26

Police shoot dead Robert Ongge in Jayapura, ostensibly in response to his attempt to extort from shop owners. [cb]

2001 February 27

Plans announced (again) for the division of Irian Jaya into three provinces, and the creation of an additional 16 districts. [cb]

2001 March

Undated incidents in Nabire area between March and May lead to deaths of at least four people (Nus Youw, Leo Douw, Anselmus Pakage, Luikius Kogoya). [cb]

2001 March 01

Harapan villagers erect roadblocks to Sentani Airport in protest at death by shooting of local resident Robert Ongge. [cb]

2001 March 02

Police and Brimob remove Sentani roadblock. [cb]

2001 March 02

Jayapura customs impound 500 used cars from Japan. [cb]

2001 March 06

PNG police riot squad attacks refugees in Catholic church camp near Vanimo. [cb]

2001 March 07

WALHI’s suit against PTFI for misleading statements about the Lake Wanogon dump opens in the South Jakarta District Court. Adjourned till March 21. [cb]

2001 March 07

RI and PNG discuss repatriation of 371 Dani refugees. [cb]

2001 March 07

Reports of diarrhea epidemic in Borme district, Jayawijaya. [cb]

2001 March 09

PNG launches police investigation into attack by PNG riot police on West Papuan refugees in Vanimo (3 days earlier). [cb]

2001 March 10

MOU on environmental management in Papua signed by BAPEDALDA, PTFI, BP Indonesia, WWF, USAID and others. [cb]

2001 March 10

Irian Jaya Provincial Assembly calls for a financial stake in PTFI. [cb]

2001 March 11

Coordinating Minister for Political, Social and Security Affairs, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announces plans to deploy troops to quell separatist sentiment in Irian Jaya and Aceh. [cb]

2001 March 13

Former US Ambassador to Indonesia, J. Stapleton Roy, is elected to the Board of Directors of Freeport-McMoRan. [cb]

2001 March 13

Mama Josepha reported missing in Jakarta. [cb]

2001 March 15

KPP HAM team quizzes senior police over Abepura incident. [cb]

2001 March 15

Presidium members (Theys Eluay, Thaha Al Hamid, Rev Herman Awom, Don Flassy and Jhon Mambor) temporarily released from arrest. [cb]

2001 March 15

MV Bangun Jaya, ship owned by logging company PT Sumalindo, gutted by fire while at sea from Jayapura to Takar, killing at least two passengers. [cb]

2001 March 15

Trial of Jakarta students begins – charged with sedition. [cb]

2001 March 16

Questioning of police chiefs by KPP HAM continues – Daud Sihombing questioned. [cb]

2001 March 19

Wahid announces plans to pardon Theys Eluay if convicted. [cb]

2001 March 20

Local Aranday community members threaten to close BP’s gas fields if they are not compensated for destruction of sago groves. [cb]

2001 March 23

Governor Salossa announces plans to pursue mega-projects, including a cement factory in Jayapura, the Mamberamo hydro-electric project, and the Tangguh natural gas project. [cb]

2001 March 27

Reports of diarrhea epidemic in Merauke. [cb]

2001 March 28

Otsus Concept Seminar at Cenderawasih Sports Centre, Jayapura results in conflict between police and demonstrators, and the subsequent death of a demonstrator, Philipus Murib. [cb]

2001 March 30

Theys Eluay meets President Wahid. [cb]

2001 March 30

Agreement to establish cement factory using Freeport tailings signed by the governments of Timika and the Northern Territory (Australia). [cb]

2001 March 31

OPM unit in the Wonggema area of Wasior sub-district takes three timber workers from PT Dharma Mukti Persada hostage, later killing them. [cb]

2001 April 02

OPM member Peter Si Alom arrested in Vanimo. [cb]

2001 April 02

Chairman of Provincial Parliament Committee F on Human Rights Augustin Iwanggin calls on PTFI to commit more resources to training Papuans. [cb]

2001 April 04

Three gaharu collectors (Uyang Kunang (21), Hengky Masad (25), Burham (21)) are killed at Kali Kopi (Timika), apparently by OPM unit led by Goliath Tabuni. [cb]

2001 April 04

World Bank extends US2.2m in aid to Irian Jaya. [cb]

2001 April 04

Clash in Abepura market claims one life (11-year old Richardo Itaar). [cb]

2001 April 05

President Wahid refuses a request to nullify subversion charges against Presidium 5. [cb]

2001 April 05

President Wahid’s aides admit to paying Rp 70m in assistance to Theys Eluay to cover the cost of his hospital treatment. [cb]

2001 April 06

Police find the bodies of the three kidnapped timber workers from PT Dharma Mukti Persada near Wonggema Village, Wasior area. [cb]

2001 April 06

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, meets ElsHAM staff member John Rumbiak in Geneva. [cb]

2001 April 09

President Wahid calls for establishment of major airforce base at Biak, as the base for a new Sectoral Command IV. [cb]

2001 April 10

Students at the Jayapura Institute of Science and Technology (ISTJ) call for the resignation (for fraud) of Rector Moh. Ali Kastella. [cb]

2001 April 10

KPP HAM announces findings of its investigation into the Abepura incident of December 2000. [cb]

2001 April 10

John Rumbiak meets with Ms Liz O’Donnell, Irish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. [cb]

2001 April 16

Governor Salossa submits draft legislation on special autonomy to President Wahid. [cb]

2001 April 17

Police HQ (Jakarta) issues a written protest at findings of KPP HAM investigation into Abepura incident. [cb]

2001 April 18

Emmy Hafild (WALHI) publicizes environmental impacts at Freeport. [cb]

2001 April 19

Bishop Bonaventu (Vanimo) announces that recent refugee arrivals now total about 500, after 26 more make a night crossing by boat. [cb]

2001 April 19

Brimob officer Dani Pamungkas shot dead in a brawl at Asiki; two youths arrested. [cb]

2001 April 23

Mama Yosepha Alomang, Amungme activist, is awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her resistance to the mining operations of PTFI. [cb]

2001 April 26

Trial of 5 Papuan activists (Isak Baho, Lukas Tenau, Dance Iek, Azer Sagas, Lukas Iha) charged with raising the Morning Star flag at Brongkedik village on 1 Dec 2001 opens in Fakfak. [cb]

2001 April 27

DPR and GOI agree to postpone indefinitely the date for passage of special autonomy legislation for Aceh and Irian Jaya, beyond the May 1 deadline originally stipulated in MPR Decree No. 4/2000. [cb]

2001 May 01

Flag-raising at Fanindi (Manokwari) reportedly results in the shooting and wounding of six people, and the arrest of six others. [cb]

2001 May 01

John Rumbiak testifies, on the matter of human rights abuses in Papua, to the UNHCR in Geneva, on behalf of the World Council of Churches. [cb]

2001 May 03

Governor’s Otsus draft gains backing from 60 members of DPR, but is opposed by the Military and PDI-P factions. [cb]

2001 May 03

PDP delegation led by Tom Beanal visits Nauru for talks with President Rene Harris. [cb]

2001 May 09

The Papuan Women’s Congress, scheduled to run from 9-12 May in Jayapura, is shut down by Brimob officers (It opens several months later on July 24, 2001). [cb]

2001 May 13

Clash between TNI Yonif Unit 753 and police in Nabire. [cb]

2001 May 14

Trial of Presidium 5 opens in Jayapura, with charges laid against Theys Eluay and Don Al Flassy (though John Mambor is absent due to illness). Case against Eluay adjourned for a week. [cb]

2001 May 14

Air force announces plans to establish larger air base in Biak. [cb]

2001 May 19

Media reports of PDP approaches to China for recognition of independent Papua. [cb]

2001 May 20

5 Papuan activists from Fakfak involved in 1 Dec 2001 flag-raising sentenced to 18-month jail terms. [cb]

2001 May 30

China denies support for Papuan independence. [cb]

2001 June 07

Two Belgians, initially described as documentary film-makers from the Arte TV channel but more probably tourists, Philippe R.D. Si (49), a veterinarian, and Johan Elia Theo van Den Eynde (47), a second-hand book dealer, are taken hostage at Paluga Village near Ilaga by OPM unit led by Titus Murib (though various media reports identify the leader as Daniel Awom and/or Kelly Kwalik and/or Penny Murib). [cb]

2001 June 10

First reports received of hostage-taking in Ilaga. [cb]

2001 June 13

OPM attack at Wondiboi, Wasior Sub-district, kills 5 Brimob officers and one worker from PT Vatika Papuana Perkasa. [cb]

2001 June 16

PDP holds 5th Plenary Session at Mutiara Hotel, Kotaraja (results announced at press conference on 18). [cb]

2001 June 16

Three companies of troops from Kostrad Battalion 752 arrive by boat in Jayapura. [cb]

2001 June 18

Attorney-General Baharuddin Lopa announces new team of enquiry into KPP HAM findings relating to the Abepura incident. Team to be led by H.M.A. Rachman. [cb]

2001 June 18

Don Flassy, one of the 5 Presidium members on trial, reported to have fled to PNG, though it transpires that he has gone to Port Moresby to attend the launch of a book co-authored with UPNG linguist Otto Nekital. Jayapura Court orders his arrest. [cb]

2001 June 19

PNG announces postponement of refugee repatriation due to shortage of funds. [cb]

2001 June 19

October 2000 incident prisoners released in Wamena pending notification of a decision about their appeal from the Supreme Court. [cb]

2001 June 19

ElsHAM issues plea in relation to police and military operations in the Wasior area, involving an estimated 2000 troops (later estimated by church groups to be between 300-600). [cb]

2001 June 25

Churches appoint two mediators, Theo van den Broek (Catholic) and Benny Giay (Protestant) to negotiate with the Ilaga hostage-takers. [cb]

2001 June 25

17 people arrested for interrogation about the Wondiboi killings. [cb]

2001 June 25

Hubertus Wresman (26, of Takar or Nengke Village) kidnapped and later killed by security forces in Betaf area. [cb]

2001 June 26

PM John Howard of Australia voices support for Indonesia’s territorial integrity in advance of visit by President Wahid. [cb]

2001 June 26

Don Flassy re-arrested on his return to Jayapura from PNG. [cb]

2001 June 26

Minister of Defence Mahfud rules out the possibility of a referendum for Papua. [cb]

2001 June 27

Octo Mote receives Hellman/Hammett Grant award from Human Rights Watch. [cb]

2001 June 28

DPR agrees to accept Governor Salossa’s draft as the basis for discussion on Otsus for Papua. [cb]

2001 June 29

US State Department Director of Policy Planning Richard Haass calls for dialogue and rejects military solutions to separatist movements Indonesia. [cb]

2001 July 10

Police officer killed during Wasior operation. [cb]

2001 July 11

Security tightened at Freeport in anticipation of a rumoured OPM attack. [cb]

2001 July 13

Satgas Koteka leader Videlis Zonggonau denies any knowledge of plans to attack Freeport and identifies rumours as part of a military campaign to justify increases in troop numbers. [cb]

2001 July 13

Navy detains shipment of used cars from Japan off Jayapura. [cb]

2001 July 16

Nabire police report arrest of three men suspected of involvement of June 13 Wondiboi killings. [cb]

2001 July 16

ElsHAM reports details of torture, execution and destruction of property associated with security operation “Comb and Destroy” in the Wasior area. [cb]

2001 July 18

ElsHAM Director, Yohannes G. Bonay, receives death threats by phone. [cb]

2001 July 18?

In a clash between different OPM factions in Vanimo area, new commander Terry / Terianus Yaram (of the former Hans Bomai faction) is killed, along with Si Alom (of Wenda’s faction) and Mathias Kogoya, and Mathias Wenda regains control. [cb]

2001 July 20

Daan Yairus Ramar (51), head of the Wondama tribal council, arrested on 15 July in Yapen, is killed by police while under arrest in Manokwari. [cb]

2001 July 23

Megawati Sukarnoputri installed as President of the Republic of Indonesia. [cb]

2001 July 23

Four men (Tonci Baransamo, Hermanus Metani, Nataniel Yoweli and Yohanis Marani - the first three are primary school teachers) are arrested in connection with the Wondiboi killings of June 13. [cb]

2001 July 24

The Papuan Women’s Conference, with 500 delegates, opens in Jayapura. In his opening speech, Tom Beanal calls for independence for Papua in response to the fall of President Wahid. [cb]

2001 July 26

Pertamina announces discovery of oil at Salawati Island. [cb]

2001 July 27

Attorney-General’s office returns Abepura dossier to KPP HAM for revision, as the material conditions relating to witnesses are apparently incomplete. [cb]

2001 July 27

DPR begins debating the draft bill on Otsus for Papua. [cb]

2001 August 01

Maj-Gen. Simbolon apologizes for harmful actions of TNI in Irian Jaya but vows not to compromise with the OPM/TPN. [cb]

2001 August 03

Media reports of a meeting between communities and government officials at which the Wasior subdistrict was declared free of separatist activity. [cb]

2001 August 04

Church mediators enter third round of talks with Belgian hostage-takers in Ilaga area. [cb]

2001 August 07

Nauru withdraws visas for West Papuan activists, barring them from attending the forthcoming Pacific Islands Forum, on the grounds that their internal divisions are potentially disruptive. [cb]

2001 August 07

The four Papuan students arrested for their part in a pro-independence rally in Jakarta on 1 Dec 2000 are acquitted of the charge of rebellion, but found guilty of disturbing the public order and given sentences that match their period of confinement since December. They are then formally released. The defendants’ lawyer says he will appeal against the sentences. [cb]

2001 August 07

Church mediators in Belgian hostage case return to Jayapura without success. [cb]

2001 August 08

PDP’s international spokesperson, Franzalbert Joku, announces that Prof Sam Blay, of the University of Technology of Sydney, has been engaged as a consultant on the question of a legal challenge to Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. [cb]

2001 August 13

Megawati’s first cabinet meeting nominates the ‘resolution’ of separatist movements in Irian Jaya and Aceh ‘within five months’ as its first goal. [cb]

2001 August 13

After meeting with John Howard in Jakarta, Indonesian legislators express satisfaction at Australia’s role in urging the Pacific Islands Forum not to debate West Papua. [cb]

2001 August 13

Puncak Jaya Regent Elieser Renmaur accuses Freeport of secretly mining within Puncak Jaya regency without paying compensation. [cb]

2001 August 16

In her first formal address to the nation, President Megawati apologizes for human rights abuses committed in Irian Jaya and Aceh under previous governments. [cb]

2001 August 16

Belgian hostages Philippe Si and Johan van Den Eynde are released and flown to Jayapura. [cb]

2001 August 16

Pacific Islands Forum opens (formal sessions end 18). [cb]

2001 August 20

Manuel Kaisiepo, State Minister for Accelerated Development in the Eastern Part of Indonesia, delivers an address to the Post-Forum Dialogue of the Pacific Islands Forum. [cb]

2001 August 20

MAF plane crashes at Koropun. [cb]

2001 August 27

Police and soldiers (from 611 Infantry Battalion) fight each other with gunfire and grenades at Serui, on Yapen Island, leaving two soldiers dead and two more soldiers and two policemen injured. [cb]

2001 August 27

TPN attack on Sarmi Police substation near Sarabera Village (Jayapura regency) leaves two civilians and four TPN members injured. [cb]

2001 August 28

TPN (?) attack on a police post on Bintuni, apparently without casualties. Three ‘TPN’ members arrested. [cb]

2001 August 28

South Jakarta District Court finds Freeport guilty of having supplied incorrect information to House Commission VIII in relation to the functioning of early warning systems. [cb]

2001 September 07

PT. Trigana Air Service announces new fight routes servicing Jayapura, Wamena and Mulia. [cb]

2001 September 10

Body of missing Papuan health-worker from Wasior found with legs cut off. [cb]

2001 September 11

23 members of US Congress write an open letter to Megawati calling on her to ensure a respect for human rights in West Timor, Aceh and West Papua. [cb]

2001 September 11

Earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale hits Sorong. No reported fatalities. [cb]

2001 September 13

Johannes Tumeng, assistant to OPM commander Willem Onde, found dead from gunshot wounds in Marau River, Merauke, after visiting the PT Korindo office in Asiki with Onde on 10 September. [cb]

2001 September 15

The body of Willem Onde, OPM commander in the Merauke region, with his hands bound and two gunshot wounds to the chest, is recovered from the Kumundu River, a tributary of the Marau River. [cb]

2001 September 17

Attack on party of workers from PT Salaki leaves one surveyor dead and five injured in Betaf area. Attributed by police to OPM. [cb]

2001 September 19

Yableh and Yahim tribe members block road to Sentani airport in protest at lack of land compensation. [cb]

2001 September 20

Sibi Tribe members block Jayapura wharf in protest at lack of land compensation. [cb]

2001 September 20

President Megawati meets with Congressman Faleomavaega in Washington D.C. to discuss human rights issues and special autonomy in West Papua. [cb]

2001 September 23

OPM attack on the Kostrad Infantry Battalion 511 post at Bonggo transmigration settlement. Two OPM members are killed and two transmigrants taken hostage. [cb]

2001 September 23

People in Serui attack the local parliament (DPRD) building in protest against harassment of travellers on a boat from Serui to Dawai. [cb]

2001 September 23

Freeport McMoRan president Jim-Bob Moffett seeks guarantee of security for PTFI’s mining operations in Papua from President Megawati during her visit to Houston, Texas. [cb]

2001 September 23?

Soldier shot in Kali Kopi area, Timika. [cb]

2001 September 25

Fire in APO Gunung area of Jayapura destroys hundreds of houses, leaving 985 families homeless. [cb]

2001 September 25

Freeport announces establishment of a trust fund for Amungme and Kamoro communities, on the basis of an agreement signed in New Orleans on Sep 3 by community leaders and Freeport management. [cb]

2001 September 27

Fruata villagers of the Babo area of Bintuni Bay protest illegal logging of their land by PT Agoda Rimba Irian, a subsidiary of the Djajanti Group. [cb]

2001 September 28

Titus Murib’s OPM unit of between 200-500 members takes control of Ilaga, destroying government buildings and a mosque. One OPM member killed and two soldiers injured. Freeport refuses to assist in the helicopter transfer of troop reinforcements. [cb]

2001 September 28

Merauke administration announces water supply shortage. [cb]

2001 September 30

The Sultan of Tidore offers to mediate in settling the demands of the Papuans. [cb]

2001 October 02

TNI troops begin to re-occupy Ilaga. [cb]

2001 October 04

Provincial military commander Simbolon sacks 8 senior officers of the Trikora Command in an apparent response to recent intelligence and operational failings; they include Col Tonny Armien (Trikora Assistant Intelligence), Col H. Simanjuntak (Ass Territorial Affairs), Col. Endang Sutrisno (Zeni / Kazidam) and Trikora Military Inspector Col. Nur Suradji. [cb]

2001 October 04

Ilaga reported to be completely under TNI control. [cb]

2001 October 04

John Calvin Werianggi, village head in Windesi sub-district, is arrested and killed by security forces. [cb]

2001 October 10

TNI troops occupy OPM camp in village of Meruai, Bonggo subdistrict. [cb]

2001 October 10

Joint forces team, involving military, police and retired military officers, as well as civilians, leaves Jayapura to conduct a ‘sweeping’ operation in the Wasior area. [cb]

2001 October 12

TAPOL releases details of the Matoa document, a leaked operational plan dated November 2000, and arising from a meeting at the Matoa Hotel on 8 June 2000, which outlines government plans to suppress Papuan secessionist sentiment, identifying popular leaders in the Papuan community. [cb]

2001 October 13

Two expatriate urban planning consultants, Frenchman Sebastien Bole Besancon and German Pieter Hans Ingo, are arrested in Sorong on charges of defaming the Mayor of Sorong, Jumame, and involvement in a demonstration. [cb]

2001 October 15

Drunken Brimob officer reportedly stabbed to death in Biak market. [cb]

2001 October 16

TNI troops capture 7 OPM (Pegemis Kogoya, Isak Nawea, Ones Waker, Yolinus Alom, Samuel Nawipa, Edi Kogoya, Tobias Magal) and 2 guns from a campsite of Kelly Kwalik’s OPM unit in the Kali Kopi area, Timika. Reports of the death of another OPM member, John Magai, and the deaths of five soldiers are not confirmed. . [cb]

2001 October 18

UNHCR pulls its support from the Transmitter refugee camp in Vanimo. [cb]

2001 October 20

PDP announces its rejection of the Special Autonomy Bill, foreshadowing the imminent passage of the bill through the DPR. [cb]

2001 October 22

DPR formally passes the Special Autonomy Bill for Papua at midnight, after making numerous changes to the Governor’s draft. The Bill is due to come into force in January 2002. . [cb]

2001 October 25?

Police in Sorong arrest a member of Laskar Jihad from Ambon for carrying home-made bombs. [cb]

2001 November 01

Governor Salossa announces that President Megawati will visit Jayapura on December 22 to hand over the new law on Special Autonomy. Salossa also identifies education as the prime target for government spending under the new revenue regime. [cb]

2001 November 01

Police close down a meeting of the West Melanesia Christian Democratic Party at Hamadi Rawa church, Jayapura, arresting leader J.M. Paiki. [cb]

2001 November 05

Former President Wahid fails to appear to testify in defence of Theys Eluay at the Jayapura District Court. [cb]

2001 November 07

Two-day PNG-RI 20th Joint Border Committee meeting opens in Alotau, PNG. Indonesian delegates include Minister for Home Affairs Hari Sabarno, Police Chief I Made Mangku Pastika, and Governor Salossa. Agreement is reached to repatriate the Vanimo refugees. [cb]

2001 November 07

Merauke DPR proposes that Merauke be made a separate province. [cb]

2001 October 07?

Police shoot dead OPM commander Jacobus Mawen and arrest 18 others in the Merauke area. [cb]

2001 November 10

Theys Eluay and his driver, Aristoteles (“Ari”) Masoka are abducted by unknown assailants while returning home after a function at Kopassus headquarters. Ari escapes and asks passers by to take him back to the Kopassus base at Hamadi, where he talks briefly to Theys’s wife, Yaneke Ohee, by mobile phone before the line is cut. Ari subsequently disappears. [cb]

2001 November 11

6 am. Theys Eluay is found dead in his car, crashed in a ravine near the Koya Tengah transmigration settlement, in the Skou area southeast of Jayapura. Although They's was known not to drive, he is found in the driver's seat of the vehicle with his hands tied behind his back. Rioting reported in Sentani and Abepura. [cb]

2001 November 12

Theys’s body is taken to the DPR building in a demonstration.

Dr Kelemen Mayakori, Head of the Jayapura General Hospital, declares that Theys died of a ‘lack of oxygen’, but rules out strangulation – later reports suggest asphyxiation through the use of a plastic bag over the head. Maj.Gen.Simbolon suggests that Theys died of a heart condition. Akbar Tandjung ascribes Theys’s assassination to political motives. Police Chief Sihombing announces a preliminary finding of murder. Kopassus widely identified by observers as likely suspects. [cb]

2001 November 12

Hotel Ratna in Sentani is destroyed. [cb]

2001 November 13

Apparent poisoning of water supply in Waena, Jayapura.

2001 November 13

President Megawati orders an official investigation into the murder. M.S. Kaban, Secretary General of the conservative Islamic Crescent Star Party (PBB) suspects the hands of separatists seeking to harm Indonesia’s reputation. National Police Spokesman Saleh Saaf suggests the involvement of OPM hardliners in the murder. Amien Rais, MPR speaker, suspects the involvement of a ‘third party’. Bob Lowry, ICG analyst, also raises possibility of hardline OPM involvement. The Pacific Islands Forum and European Union condemn the murder and call for a swift investigation. Theys’s body is returned to Sentani, follo by an estimated 7-10,000 people on foot. [cb]

2001 November 13

AMA plane crashes near Nabire, killing four of the five on board. [cb]

2001 November 14

In Mulia, a suspected OPM member from the Ilaga incident, Elesius Tabuni, is arrested and then shot ‘trying to escape’. He is sent by plane to the military hospital in Jayapura but dies en route. [cb]

2001 November 15

PDP leaders demand that President Megawati guarantee their safety. [cb]

2001 November 16

OPM attack on police station at Barapasi, in the Waropen area, leaves one civilian dead and another injured. [cb]

2001 November 16?

Jakarta fashion designer Carmanita launches a new range of designs drawing on West Papuan rock art motifs and jungle imagery. [cb]

2001 November 17

Theys Eluay is buried in a football field near Sentani airport, re-christened “Hero’s Cemetery”, attended by a crowd estimated at more than 10,000 in number. [cb]

2001 November 19

Kopassus Chief Maj.Gen.Amirual Isnaeni announces that no Kopassus troops were involved in the murder of Theys Eluay, and threatens to sue anyone suggesting otherwise. [cb]

2001 November 20

650 Kostrad Linud airborne troops land at Merauke in preparation for possible unrest on Dec 1. [cb]

2001 November 23

Kontras coordinator Ori Rahman accuses the government of orchestrating the murder of Theys, pointing to the Matoa document as evidence of planning for such an event. [cb]

2001 November 24

Komnas HAM says there are indications of Kopassus involvement in Theys’s death. [cb]

2001 November 25

Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI) office in Jayapura attacked by unknown assailants. [cb]

2001 November 25

Coordinating Minister for Political, Social and Security Affairs, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, announces plans to deploy an additional 32,500 soldiers and police, or 51 battalions, to Aceh and Irian Jaya, ‘solely to accelerate the process of a peaceful settlement to the conflicts’. [cb]

2001 November 26

Religious leaders in Papua, both Christian and Moslem, call for a truly independent inquiry into the Eluay murder. [cb]

2001 November 26

400 marines land at Sorong in preparation for possible unrest on Dec 1. [cb]

2001 November 27

National police prepare a second team to investigate the Eluay murder. [cb]

2001 November 27

CINCPAC, Admiral Dennis Blair, warns against military solutions to the conflicts in West Papua and Aceh, but declares himself convinced of the army’s sincerity in the reform process. [cb]

2001 November 27?

Minister Hari Sabarno claims that the Matoa plans to counter separatism in Irian Jaya were never put into effect due to a shortage of funds. [cb]

2001 November 28

An estimated 1000 OPM members attack a police post on Kimaam Island, Merauke district. Two OPM members are killed. [cb]

2001 November 28

PDP Secretary-General, Thaha Al-Hamid, receives text messages threatening him with a fate similar to that of Theys. [cb]

2001 November 29

50 Papuans protesting outside the UN offices in Jakarta accuse the government and military of conspiring in the murder of Theys Eluay. [cb]

2001 November 30?

Lt Col Hartomo and 7 other Kopassus officers questioned by the joint investigative team of enquiry into the Eluay murder. [cb]

2001 December 01

Subdued and peaceful celebrations of December 1 are held across Papua. Some 1500-2000 attend a prayer meeting and ceremony led by Tom Beanal at Sentani.

2001 December 01

ElsHAM releases a report indicating the involvement of Kopassus in Theys’s murder. [cb]

2001 December 03

PDP Chairman Tom Beanal sets a deadline of December 10 for the government and police to identify the murderers of Theys Eluay. [cb]

2001 December 04

Maj.Gen.Simbolon denies the involvement of any soldiers in the Eluay murder.

2001 December 04

Provincial religious leaders write to Komnas HAM to urge an independent commission of enquiry into the Eluay murder, without members from the government, police or military. Bambang Soeharto and Koesparmono Irsan, the Komnas HAM team of enquiry into the Eluay murder, arrive in Jayapura. [cb]

2001 December 06

The five Papuans arrested for their role in a flag-raising at Brongkendik village in the Fakfak area in December 2000 are freed. [cb]

2001 December 06

Police sent to the PNG border area to follow up rumours that Ari, Theys’s driver, had fled to PNG, return without success. [cb]

2001 December 10

Kopassus troop reinforcements arrive in Timika. 300 people demonstrate in front of the DPR office in Timika in protest against the troop build-up. [cb]

2001 December 11

Several thousand student and youth demonstrators march from Abepura to the Governor’s office in Jayapura to protest the lack of progress on solving the Eluay murder, and to reject the forthcoming Dec 22 visit by President Megawati. [cb]

2001 December 12

Student protest outside Governor’s office continues, with growing numbers. [cb]

2001 December 13

An estimated 5-7000 are now involved in the student protest in front of the Governor’s office. The Governor meets with protestors. [cb]

2001 December 14

Student protest in Jayapura continues. [cb]

2001 December 17

ElsHAM releases the results of its own investigation into the Eluay assassination, clearly indicating the involvement of Kopassus and other TNI units. [cb]

2001 December 18

Student protestors stage a sit-in at government offices in Jayapura, including the local parliament. [cb]

2001 December 19

President Megawati calls for swift resolution of Eluay case.

TNI Chief Endriartono Sutarto opens possibility that ‘rogue troops’ may have killed Theys Eluay. [cb]

2001 December 19

50 Papuan religious leaders express support for the Special Autonomy plans in a meeting with Governor Salossa. [cb]

2001 December 20

Government announces the formation of an independent team of inquiry into the Eluay assassination. [cb]

2001 December 20

President Megawati postpones her planned visit to Papua on December 22. [cb]

2001 December 20

A shooting incident occurs near the Tembagapura mine in which two PTFI workers are attacked, one of them (Lucia) being shot and seriously injured – the identity of their attackers remains uncertain. [cb]

2001 December 22

Some 700 student demonstrators gathered in Jayapura are dispersed violently by anti-riot police, and 42 students are arrested. [cb]

2001 December 24

President Megawati apologizes to the people of Papua for the delay in her visit. [cb]

2001 December 26

TNI sends a 5-member team of enquiry into the Eluay case to Jayapura, under Army Intelligence Chief Brig Gen.Sardas Markus. [cb]

2001 December 29

President Megawati tells a major military parade in Jakarta not to worry about human rights abuses in the performance of their duty. Among those present at the parade are a large unit of non-Papuan troops “dressed” as Papuans, and Brig Gen.Mahidi Simbolon. [cb]

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