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Last Update - 1 March 2011

This page contains articles from journals, magazines, seminars and other miscellaneous publications listed by author. These documents are typically quite short and most are now available online through Papuaweb. Unless otherwise specified, individual documents do not exceed 1.5Mb and are typically presented in PDF format (for help reading PDFs). The general subject matter or related academic discipline is indicated (in brackets).

This list does not include articles from the following journals which are currently available through Papuaweb: Other articles on specific research themes are listed in the main digital library index (e.g. Tuber and root crops).

Penulis (Author)

Andersen, Øystein L. (Antropologi - Anthropology) Brown, Gillian K. et al (Botani - Botany) [for more information, contact the author: browngkunimelb.edu.au.]
  • Brown, G.K., Nelson, G. and Ladiges, P.Y. 2006 Cladistic biogeography of the Malesian rhododendrons Journal of Biogeography 33: 1929-1944.
  • Brown, G.K., Craven, L.A., Udovicic, F. and Ladiges, P.Y. 2006 Phylogeny of Rhododendron section Vireya and evidence for multiple copies of the ITS, Australian Systematic Botany 19: 329-342.
  • Brown, G.K., Craven, L.A., Udovicic, F. and Ladiges, P.Y. 2006 Phylogeny of Rhododendron section Vireya (Ericaceae) based on two non-coding regions of cpDNA, Plant Systematics and Evolution 257 (1-2): 57-93.
Cookson, Michael (Sejarah - History) Golden, Brigham (Antropologi - Anthropology) Ipenburg, At (Antropologi, Teologi, Sedjarah - Anthropology, Theology, History)
  • Ipenburg, At 1999 "Een Kerk van Migranten; Een Kerk van het Volk. Tegenstellingen in Irian Jaya" (A church of migrants; a church of the people. Contradictions in Irian Jaya) in Wereld en Zending, 28(4):78-82.
  • Ipenburg, At 2000 "The Role of the Church in a Changing Society: Case for Human Rights Action", Paper presented to an International Workshop on Human Rights The Role of Churches in Human Rights Advocacy, Biak, West-Papua, Indonesia, 3-9 Sept.
  • Ipenburg, At 2000 "Book review: Numuc Z. Kemung, Nareng-gareng. A Principle for Mission in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea, Erlangen: Erlanger Verlag für Mission und Oekumene 1998, 228 pp. (World Mission Script: 5)" in Exchange (A Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research) 30(3):??.
  • Ipenburg, At 2001 "Melanesian Conversion", Missionalia 29(3)"??.
  • Ipenburg, At 2001 "Autonomie für Papua. Bedrohung oder Chance?" in Fridenspolitischer Ratschlag (see www.uni-kassel.de/fb10/frieden/regionen/West-Papua/autonomie.html). [Also published in: Informationsdienst West Papua Netzwerk, E-info Nr 73, 22 October 2001.]
  • Ipenburg, At 2002 "The Life and Death of Theys Eluay" Inside Indonesia 70(Apr-Jun 2002) [see www.insideindonesia.org/edit70/Edit70.htm].
  • Ipenburg, At 2002 "Regaining Humanness. The Development of a Counter-ideology: The Papuans of Papua, Indonesia", Paper presented to a Workshop on Religion and Human Rights, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague/University of Ghana, Legon, 4-9 November 2002.
  • Ipenburg, At 2002 "The role of churches in Papua", Paper presented at a Farewell Seminar for At Ipenburg by Br Budi Hernawan, OFM, 30 March 2002 ["Gereja-gereja di Papua: menjadi nabi di Tanah sendiri?" - see www.hampapua.org/skp/skp03/op-15i.pdf].
  • Ipenburg, At 2003 "Het recht van Papoea's op hun eigen geschiedenis", paper presented to the Papua Workshop on "The Straightening Of History", 3 May 2003 Leiden.
  • Ipenburg, At 2004 "Review of W.H. Vriend, Smoky Fires, Ph.D. Thesis, Free University, Amsterdam", Wereld en Zending 33(1):122-124.
  • Ipenburg, At 2008 "Regaining Humanness. The Papuan Struggle for Human Rights", Paper presented to the International Association for Mission Studies XIIth Quadrennial International Conference, Balatonfüred, Hungary, 2008 (online at docs.google.com/Doc?id=dch2vw37_121cdn9gtfx).
  • Ipenburg, At 2008 "Christianity in Papua" in Karel Steenbrink and Jan Aritonong (Eds.) A History of Christianity in Indonesia, Leiden: Brill, pp.345-381.
  • Ipenburg, At 2009 "Erziehungswesen in West Papua" (Education in West Papua), West Papua Rundbrief Nr. 47, September 2009: 15-10 (online at www.west-papua-netz.de/frame2.php?Rundbrief#_Toc239661325.)
Overweel, Jeroen (Sejarah - History) Pattiselanno, Freddy (Zoologi - Zoology) Ploeg, Anton (Sejarah - History)
  • Ploeg, Anton 2002 'De Papoea': What's in a Name?, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology (TAPJA), Vol. 33(3), 75-101.
        © Anton Ploeg and TAPJA, 2002. Reproduced with permission.
Saa, Septinus George (Fisika - Physics) Silo, Akbar (Politik - Politics) Timmer, Jaap (Antropologi - Anthropology) Vlasblom, Dirk (Politik - Politics)
  • Vlasblom, Dirk 1997 Papuana [pdf 1.8Mb], Rotterdam: NRC Handelsblad.
    [Prize winning long essay about Mapnduma hostage crisis, 1997]
        © Dirk Vlasblom, 1997. Reproduced with permission.

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