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Father Frans Lieshout ofm

Frans Lieshout was born in Montfoort (The Netherlands) on 15 January 1935. After completing secondary school, he joined the Fransiscan brotherhood in 1955. He studied philosophy and theology from 1956 until 1962 and was ordained as a priest in 1962. After some courses to prepare him for missionary work in Asia, he moved to Netherlands New Guinea in April 1963 (now Indonesian Papua). He lived among the Dani of the Baliem Valley from 1964-1967 and became Deacon of the Diaconate of the Baliem Valley in the years 1985-1996. He also served in Bidogai (among the Moni), Jayapura and Biak as a priest, warden and as Dean of the Teacher's School (Sekola Dekenat) in Jayapura. in 1985 he became an Indonesian citizen. He returned to the Baliem at the beginning of 2007; 'back home' to enjoy his retirement and write his book on the history of the Catholic church in the Baliem Valley [kdj].

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