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Last Update - February 22, 2005

"Irian" in the National Library of Australia

What follows is a complete list of all holdings in the National Library of Australia containing the keyword "irian". The list contains - 1732 - titles in reverse chronological order * with the most recent titles listed first. A companion search for the key phrases "Nieuw-Guinea" / "Netherlands New Guinea" and both variant Indonesian/Malay spellings for the bird of paradise "cenderawasih" / "cendrawasih" has also been prepared. The Nieuw-Guinea keyword search picks up all Dutch language publications related to New Guinea (including documents related to "Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea" and those written in Dutch about British Papua, German New Guinea, Papua New Guinea and the island of New Guinea). For the sake of completeness, this page also lists all German language documents held by the NLA, including those on "Deutsch Neu Guinea" and other parts of the island(s). Together, these lists represent almost all of the material related to Papua held in the National Library. A small amount of additional material is held by the National Library that does not contain catalogued references to these keywords. These may be found by reference to specific places and/or flora/fauna. Examples of these miscellaneous references include the illustrations now available through Papuaweb's image section (19th Century birds and 18th Century Dore Bay). Finally, some holdings with relevance to Papua/Irian may also be related to the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and therefore indexed as the "Territory of Papua" and/or "Territory of New Guinea" with more recently records indexing the sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea.

Once these lists are registered by various search engines, they will be fully searchable across the internet (unlike the NLA catalogue). This page is also searchable using the "Crtl+F" feature in Internet Explorer or similar page search features in other internet browsers.

The main "irian" list for the NLA holdings is available in the following formats:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF) - 1.0 Mb.
  • Hyper text markup language (HTML) - 1.4 Mb
  • Rich text format (RTF) - 1.6 Mb.
This "irian" keyword list was last updated March 11, 2004.
A similar list with - 2853 - entries was compiled from the KITLV Library catalogue in February, 2005 [rtf 2.9Mb].

* Note: Inconsistencies in the chronology of this list are related to the NLA's automated indexing system.

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