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Food Plants of Papua New Guinea

French, Bruce n.d. Food Plants of Papua New Guinea: a compendium,
Sheffield, Tasmania: Published by the Author.

© Copyright 2004 by Bruce French. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.

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The pages of this book are grouped according to the types of: food-root crops and staple foods; beans; edible green vegetables; root and other vegetables; nuts; fruits and then minor foods and flavourings. Within each group they are grouped roughly in order of importance or frequency, except that similar groups are put together.

You can also use the indexes of Scientific name, English name or Tok Pisin name.

Title pages, preface, table of contents, etc...
Root crops and staples 1 - 31
Beans (Legumes) 32 - 53
Green leafy vegetables 55 - 94
Root and other vegetables 96 - 155
Nuts 157 - 200
Fruits 202 - 303
Minor foods and flavourings 305 - 393
Index - Scientific names, English, Tok Pisin 394 - 407

Note: This is the key reference for edible plants across New Guinea (Papua/Irian and PNG). If you have a fast internet connection, you may choose to download the entire book (12.2Mb).

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