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Haddon, A.C and James Hornell 1975 (reprint) Canoes of Oceania, Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, Hawai'i.
    © Bishop Museum Press, 1975. Use of any part of this publication for any purpose must be acknowledged.
Canoes of Oceania was originally published in three volumes:
Volume I, The Canoes of Polynesia, Fiji, and Micronesia, 1936.
Volume II, The Canoes of Melanesia, Queensland, and New Guinea, 1937.
Volume III, Definition of Terms, General Survey, and Conclusions, 1938.
As numbers 27, 28 and 29 in the B.P. Bishop Museum Special Publication Series.
They were consolidated and reprinted in a single monograph by the Bishop Museum in 1975.
The following pages are extracted from Volumes II and III and pertain to Papua (Netherlands New Guinea).
Netherlands New Guinea: Humboldt Bay, Arimoa Islands, Geelvink Bay, Northwest NG, McCluer Gulf (pdf 1.3Mb).
Maps: distribution of canoes types (pdf 65k).
Bibliography: for all three volumes (pdf 445k).

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