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Hope, Geoff S, et al (Editors) 1976

The Equatorial Glaciers of New Guinea (Results of the 1971-1973 Australian Universities' Expeditions to Irian Jaya: survey, glaciology, meteorology, biology and palaeoenvironments),

Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema.

    © The Authors, 1976.
Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.


Title pages: list of illustrations, preface, notes and abbreviations
     - Preface by Uwe Radok (pdf 515k)
Section 1 Mt Jaya: The area and its exploration
     - Geoffrey S. Hope (pdf 732k)
Section 2 Topographic survey and cartography
     - Edward G. Anderson (pdf 475k)
Section 3 Ice areas on Mt Jaya: Their extent and recent history
     - Ian Allison and James A. Peterson (pdf 1.5Mb)
Section 4 Glacier regimes and dynamics
     - Ian Allison (pdf 646k)
Section 5 Climate and microclimate
     - Ian Allison and John Bennett (pdf 1.3Mb)
Section 6 Cryobiology
     - Erzsébet Kol and Judy A. Peterson (pdf 517k)
Section 7 The Lakes
     - James A. Peterson (pdf 766k)
Section 8 Vegetation
     - Geoffrey S. Hope (pdf 3.7Mb)
Section 9 Palaeoenvironments
     - Geoffrey S. Hope and James A. Peterson (pdf 1.5Mb)
Section 10 Fauna
     - Jeannette H. Hope (pdf 1.2Mb)
Section 11 Man on Mt Jaya
     - Geoffrey S. Hope and Jeannette H. Hope (pdf 1.1Mb)
Index (pdf 182k)

Map 1 Western Sudirman Range, Irian Jaya (pdf 2.6Mb)
Map 2 Carstensz Glacier Area, Irian Jaya (pdf 1.1Mb)
Map 3 Ice fronts since last neoglacial advance (overlay for Map 2 - not available)

For more online information about these glaciers, visit the http://pubs.usgs.gov website.

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