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May, Ron (editor) 1986

Between Two Nations

book cover

The Indonesia - Papua New Guinea border and West Papuan Nationalism

Robert Brown and Associates, Bathurst.

© Copyright Robert Brown and Associates, 1986. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.

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Title pages, preface, table of contents...
Chapter 1: Problems of International Boundaries with Particular Reference to the Boundary Between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
      - R. V. Prescott
1 - 17
Chapter 2: The Origins of the Border Problem and the Border Story to 1969
      - June Verrier
18 - 48
Chapter 3: OPM and the Quest for West Papua Unity
      - Robin Osborne
49 - 64
Chapter 4: Does Indonesia have Expansionist Designs on Papua New Guinea?
      - J. A. C. Mackie
65 - 84
Chapter 5: East of the Border: Irian Jaya and the Border in Papua New Guinea's Domestic and Foreign Politics [incl. photos pdf 4.0Mb]
      - R. J. May
85 - 159
Chapter 6: Transmigration in Irian Jaya
      - H. Arndt
160 - 174
Chapter 7: Border Development: a 'Political Necessity' Again
      - J. M. Herlihy
175 - 199
Chapter 8: 1984: Refugees, 'Holiday Camps' and Deaths
      - Alan Smith and Kevin Hewison
200 - 217
Chapter 9: Prospects: A State of Mind
      - Peter Hastings
218 - 232
Postscript, Appendix, References 233 - 353
Index 254 - 251

You may choose to download the entire book (pdf 13.2Mb).

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Herry Yogaswara and Sri Hargiono (2004)

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