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Ploeg, Anton (Guest Editor) 1970 Land Tenure in West Irian, New Guinea Research Bulletin No.38, New Guinea Research Unit Committee, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra and Boroko.
    © Australian National University, 1970. Use of any part of this publication for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title page: Map, Table of Contents, Forward (pp.i-xii, pdf 290k)
Chapter 1: Land tenure in the Biak-Numfor area - K.W. Galis (pp.1-12, pdf 615k)
Chapter 2: Ekagi land tenure - J.V. de Bruyn (pp.13-23, pdf 587k)
Chapter 3: Mimika land tenure - J. Pouwer (pp.24-33, pdf 575k)
Chapter 4: Muyu land tenure - J.W. Schoorl (pp.34-41, pdf 420k)
Chapter 5: Marind-Anim land tenure - J. Verschueren (pp.42-59, pdf 1.0Mb)
Chapter 6: Index (pp. 60-63, pdf 151k)

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