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Voorhoeve, C.L. 1975 (reprinted 1980) Languages of Irian Jaya, Checklist: Preliminary Classification, Language Maps, Wordlists, Pacific Linguistics Series B-31, Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra (out of print).
    © C.L. Voorhoeve 1975. Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: table of contents and acknowledgements (pdf 224k)
Introduction (pdf 641k)
Finder List of Languages (pdf 477k)
Overview of the Language Classification (pdf 256k)
Checklist: abbreviations and symbols used (pdf 57k)
Checklist: Non-Austronesian Languages (pdf 1.1Mb)
Checklist: Austronesian and Unclassified Languages (pdf 683k)
Maps (pdf 517kb)
Bibliography (pdf 357kb)
Appendix: Comparative Wordlists (pdf 1.1Mb)

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