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Veur, Paul W. van der 1966 Search for New Guinea's Boundaries Division of Pacific and Asian History, Australian National University, Canberra.
    © Paul W. van der Veur, 1966. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this publication for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title page: Preface, Table of Contents, Abbrevations (i-xii, pdf 203k / 81k)
Chapter 1: Introduction (1-5, pdf 230k)
Chapter 2: New Guinea Annexations (6-20, pdf 739k)
Chapter 3: Papua Irredenta (21-35, pdf 739k)
Chapter 4: The Former Anglo-German Boundary (36-60, pdf 1.2Mb)
Chapter 5: The Irian Boundary (61-124, pdf 3.3Mb)
Chapter 6: Epilogue (125-136, pdf 649k)
Appendices: Administrative Nomenclature, Place Names, Sources (137-140, pdf 222k)
References (141-168, pdf 1.3Mb)
Index (169-176, pdf 321k)

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