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Wolfers, Edward (editor) 1988

Beyond the Border

book cover

Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
South-East Asia and the South Pacific
Discussion and Documentation

University of Papua New Guinea (Waigani) and
The Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Suva.

© Copyright UPNG and USP, 1988. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.

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Introduction (title pages, table of contents, acknowledgements...)

Forward: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, South- East Asia and the South Pacific: Mutual Respect and Co-operation on and beyond the Border  - Edward P.Wolfers

Part I: Introduction
1. Beyond the Border  - Rabbie Namaliu

Part II: Current Regional Developments
2. South-East Asia and ASEAN - Indonesian Perspectives 53-60
  • Sumaryo Suryokusumo
  • Juwono Sudarsono
3. Papua New Guinea's Regional Environment - PNG Perspectives 61-84
  • Robert Igara
  • Nao Badu
Part III: Indonesian-PNG Relations: Past, Present and Future 85-116
4. Indonesian Views 85-102
  • Jusuf Wanandi
  • Sabam Siagian
5. Papua New Guinean Views 103-116
  • Alan Oaisa
  • Babani Maraga
Background Paper: Australia, Indonesia, PNG and the South Pacific  - Jusuf Wanandi

Appendices, References Treaties and Agreements (pdf 23Mb) 125-217

(or download main text in a single file - pdf 26Mb).

For a more recent volume on issues related to the Indonesia - PNG border, see:

Suko Bandiyono, Aswatini Raharto, Eniarti Djohan,
Herry Yogaswara and Sri Hargiono (2004)

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