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Smith, Robert Ross 1953 The War in the Pacific. THE APPROACH TO THE PHILIPPINES,
United States Army in World War II Series, Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C.

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Title pages, preface, table of contents, etc... i-xviii
I. The Strategic Background 1
II. Planning and Preparation for the Hollandia-Aitape Operation 13
III. The Hollandia Operations 53
IV. The Japanese: Pearl Harbor Through Hollandia 84
V. Prelude to the Battle of the Driniumor 103
VI. Deployment for Battle 131
VII. The Battle of the Driniumor. Phase I: The 18th Army Attacks 152
VIII. The Battle of the Driniumor. Phase II: The 18th Army Retreats 177
IX. The Seizure of Wakde Island 206
X. Lone Tree Hill: The Initial Attacks 232
XI. Lone Tree Hill and Beyond 263
XII. Biak: The Plan, the Landing, and the Enemy 280
XIII. West to Mokmer Drome 304
XIV. Frustration at Mokmer Drome 326
XV. The Japanese Reinforce Biak 346
XVI. Biak: The Reduction of the Japanese Pockets 365
XVII. Operations on Noemfoor Island 397
XVIII. Airfields on the Vogelkop Peninsula 425
XIX. The Palaus and Morotai: Strategic and Tactical Planning 450
XX. The Morotai Operation 480
XXI. The Landings on Peleliu and Angaur 494
XXII. The Reduction of Northwestern Angaur 515
XXIII. Securing Peleliu Island 532
XXIV. Peleliu: The Last Resistance 551
Conclusion: The Results and the Costs 576
Bibliographical Note 579
List of Abbreviations 595
Basic Military Map Symbols 601
Index (1.0Mb) 605

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