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Tohkon*: dai 2 shu: kaigun hodohan sakka zensen kiroku

Yamaguchi 1943 Tohkon: dai 2 shu: kaigun hodoban sakka zensen kiroku, Hakubunkan, Tokyo.

Fighting spirit: Volume 2: A Navy war correspondent's writings from the front line.
[Accounts from the Philippines (Balabac pictured above), Moluccas and West New Guinea during 1942]

Sampul buku - Book cover

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Halaman pertama - Front page

This front page includes the title (to the far left), a stamp from the author enclosed by a text box (stating that the book was donated to the NIOD library in 1998) and the publication details. The book was edited by Kurogane-kai, compiled by the General Headquarters of the Naval Reporting Section, and published by Hakubunkan, Tokyo in 1943.

Note: Tohkon* The English translation of this book may vary depending on how the Japanese text is rendered. "Tokon" (taken from the NIOD library catalogue) does not stress the importance of a sustained "o" in the first character of the original title (Toh - Kon). The characters representing "Fighting spirit" may be more appropriately rendered as "Tohkon" or "Tôkon". Similarly the title word "hodoban" given in the cover sheet of the PDF document should more appropriately be rendered "hodohan". (Both variants in spelling are used on this page in the link from the digital library page to enable the words to be found by search engines like Google.)

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