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Irian: Bulletin of Irian Jaya

Jurnal diterbitkan oleh Departemen Anthropologi, Universitas Cenderawasih (Uncen) kerjasama dengan Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

Journal published by the Department of Anthropology, Cenderawasih University (Uncen) in cooperation with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

© Copyright, Universitas Cenderawasih, 1972-1999. Reproduced with permission.

First published in 1972, the Irian, Bulletin of West Irian Development was a collaboration between Cenderawasih University (Uncen) and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). By late 1973 the publication's changed to Irian, Bulletin of Irian Jaya Development to reflect the official name of Irian Barat to the province of Irian Jaya (see PP 5/1973 in Papuaweb's governance section). Only one volume (VIII) of the journal was issued in 1979 and this volume was the first to drop "development" from the journal's title. Irian, Bulletin of Irian Jaya was not issued in 1981 and by Vol.XII (1984) had adopted a larger format (letter size) and commenced an annual publication cycle. In 1993 (Vol.XXI), Cenderawasih University and SIL ceased publication of the journal. Vol.XXII (1999) of the journal marks an attempt to revive the journal as Irian, Bulletin of Irian Jaya Research and Development, but this was not followed by further issues. In August 2002, the Anthropology Department of the Cenderawasih University launched a new publication Antropologi Papua which is available online via www.papuaweb.org.

Note: The pdf versions of this journal have been made from scans of the original documents. Shading is evident in the pdf documents when originals have coloured covers or when the original print on pages lacks contrast. All pages are legible and this is only a significant problem in a few issues of the Bulletin. For more information about reading PDF files, see P-web's technical FAQs page.

Irian Vol.I (1), 1972 (pdf 3.9Mb)
  • Editorial
  • Research possibilities in West Irian
  • Sumbangan Fikiran Tentang Kemungkinan Pembangunan Masjarakat Daerah Pegunungan Irian Barat - Anwas-Iskandar
  • Program review of PELITA II - FUNDWI in West Irian - Bernt Bernander
  • Vernacular Literacy: vehicle for.progress in the Interior Highlands - John D. Ellenberger
  • The Missions Fellowship - Harold C. Catto
  • Literacy in West Irian - B.B. Mohanty
  • Museum Mengenai Kemadjuan dan Kebudajaan di Daerah Asmat - Bishop Alphonse A. Sowada
  • A Museum of Heritage and Development in Asmat
  • Letter to a Catholic Priest
  • Surat Kepada Seorang Pater
  • On-going and Proposed: Research
  • Culture Change Among the Mejbrat of the Bird's Head, West Irian - Han Schoorl
  • The Impact of Macassan Immigrants on the Economy of Greater Djajapura - The Editors
  • Notices
Irian Vol.I (2), 1972 (pdf 6.9Mb)
  • Editorial
  • Change and Co-operative Development in Asmat - Ken Keller
  • Some Thoughts on Educational Aims in the Highlands of Irian Barat - Peter Spicer
  • Inland Village Education: A Suggestion for Change - A.J.H. Duijnstee
  • Strategi Pendidikan di Irian Barat: Topics untuk pertimbangan - Soekisno Hadikoemoro
  • Collecting Ethnographic Specimens - Philip J.C. Dark
  • Health Conditions and Disease Patterns in West Irian - Suriadi Gunawan
  • Operasi Koteka: Suatu Usaha Mempertjepat Pembangunan Masjarakat Pedalaman Irian Barat - Oscar M.T. Siregar
  • Art is not Dead but Alive and Doing well on the Sepik River - Jorgen Petersen
  • Looking Westward: Work of Australian National University on Languages of West Irian - Don Laycock
  • Dajung Asmat - An Asmat Oar - Jeramias Mbait and Martin McQuire
  • Book Reviews
          Heider: The Dugum Dani - Jules A.E. Camps
          Machlan: The Search for Michael Rockefeller - F. Trenkenschuh, o.s.c.
  • On-going and Proposed: Research
  • University and Institute News
  • Berita-berita Universitas dan Lembaga
  • Notes on Contributors
Irian Vol.I (3), 1972 (pdf 4.6Mb)
  • Editorial
  • Stone as a Cultural Factor in the Central and Eastern Highlands - R.D. Mitton
  • New Media and Developing Countries - A. Domaingue and W. Manua
  • Notes on the Phonological History of the Austronesian Languages of the Sami Coast - George W. Grace
  • Beberapa Aspek Kehidupan Orang Arso - Some Aspects of the life of the Arso People - Parsudi Suparlan
  • The Potential for Potato Production in West Irian - Peter Foster
  • Tjeritera Dongen Mengenai Burung Tahun-tahun Tarei Atakam Ir - An Asmat Myth about the Hornbill - Jeremias M'Bait
  • The Ekagi-Wodani-Moni Language Family of West Irian - Gordon F. and Milfred 0. Larson
  • Book Reviews
          Robert Gardner and Karl.G.Heider: Gardens of War - Jules A.E. Camps and Larry L. Naylor
  • On-going and Proposed: Research
  • University and Institute News
  • Notes on Contributors

  • Maps in this issue were drawn by Robert D. Mitton.
Irian Vol.II (1), 1973 (pdf 5.0Mb)
  • Editorial
  • Introduction - F. Trenkenschuh, o.s.c.
  • A Mission's Search for an Integrated Policy - Bishop Alphonse A. Sowada
  • Penindjacan Asmat Tahun 1963 dan Keadaan Sekarang Tahun 1972 - Joseph B. Omberep
  • An Evaluation of Present-day Asmat Woodcarving - Jac Hoogerbrugge
  • The Asmat Handicraft Project - Jeremias Mbaid
  • Conditions for Development in Asmat - Gottfried 0. Lang
  • Education for Responsibility: Some Practical Reflections by an Asmat Co-operative Advisor - Michael Adrian o.s.c.
  • Kesan Seorang Anggauta Koperasi Asmat - Daniel Jorpitsj
  • Aktivitas Dari Koperasi di Asmat - Robert H. Kasiran
  • Education and Development in Asmat - Edward Greiwe
  • The Future of the Asmat - Malcolm T. Walker
  • Participants
  • Notes on Contributors

  • Maps in this issue were drawn by Robert D. Mitton.
Irian Vol.II (2), 1973 (pdf 4.6Mb)
    A report on research conducted in 1957-1958 among a group of Moni in the Central Highlands of Irian Jaya
          Bernard Otto van Nunen
Irian Vol.II (3), 1973 (pdf 3.3Mb)
  • Ethnic Groups in Irian Jaya - Myron Bromley
  • Carstensz Glaciers Expedition - R. Champion and members of the expedition
  • The Origin and Introduction of the Basic Food Crops of Irian Jaya - Peter Foster
  • Beberapa Pemikiran Tentang Kebijaksanaan Pembangunan di Irian Jaya - Chris Manning and Ross Garnaut
  • The Arso Version of the Story of the Flood - P.K. Rombouts o.f.m.
  • A Note on the Summer Institute of Linguistics - Norman Draper
  • Book Reviews
          Further Thoughts on the Dani: A Response to a Review - Karl G. Heider
          A Comment on Dani Orthography with Reference to Heider's Dugum Dani - Myron Bromley
  • University and Institute News
  • Research in Irian Jaya
  • Notes on Contributors

  • Maps in this issue were drawn by Robert D. Mitton.
Irian Vol.III (1), 1974 (pdf 2.2Mb)
  • The Asmat People of the Casuarinen Coast - A. van der Wouw m.s.c.
  • Some Notes about the Muyu People in Jayapura - Paskalis Kaipman
  • Expedition from Kiwi to the Area of the Aipki People - Robert L. Wight M.B., B.S.
  • Dances of the Arso People - P.W. Rombouts o.f.m.
  • Cloves - Peter Poster
  • University and Institute News
  • Research in Irian Jaya

  • Maps in this issue were drawn by Robert D. Mitton.
Irian Vol.III (2), 1974 (pdf 3.2Mb)
  • The "Lord of the Earth" Cult Among the Asmat: Prestige, Power, and Politics in a Transitional Society - Peter W. van Arsdale and David E. Gallus
  • The Asmat Bispole: Its Background and Meaning - Abraham Kuruwaip
  • Glossary of Main Asmat or Indonesian Words Recurring in Text
  • The Parts of the Bispole - Abraham Kuruwaip
  • Photograph of Asmat Art - From Lembaga Anthropologi Universitas Cenderawasih
  • Research in Progress
  • Notes on Contributors
Irian Vol.III (3), 1974 (pdf 2.4Mb)
  • Potensi Hutan Irian Jaya dan Prospeknya - Abdul Bari Ts
  • Leadership and Authority Among the Keenok, Asmat - Johsz R. Mansoben
  • Rumah Jeu dan Fungsinya - Abraham Buxuwaip B.A.
  • Notes on Contributors
Irian Vol.IV (1), 1975 (pdf 1.5Mb)
  • A Preliminary Berik Phonology - Peter and Susan Westrum
  • A Tentative Phonology of Isirawa - Hiroko Oguri and Carol Erickson
  • Acknowledgement
  • News and Notes
  • Notes on Contributors
Irian Vol.IV (2), 1975 (pdf 7.7Mb)
          Dr. H. L. Peters
Irian Vol.IV (3), 1975 (pdf 2.1Mb)
  • On Two Shield Types of the Asmat Region - Gunther Konrad, Walter Bohning, Bishop Alphonse A. Sowada
  • The History of the Discovery of the Birds of Paradise and Courtship of the Greater Bird of Paradise: Paradisaea Apoda Novae Guineae - Gunter Konrad, Sukarja Somadikarta
  • Kemtuk Phonology - Jaap and Jelly van der Wilden
  • The Origin of the First Settlement in Biak - Johsz R. Mansoben
Irian Vol.V (1), 1976 (pdf 2.6Mb)
    • Dongeng tentang buah monyet - Yoram Ke and Musa Lazarus
    • Kemtuk kinship - Jelly van der Wilden
    • Isirawa kinship and exchange marriage - Carol Erickson
    • Bauzi phonology - David Briley
    • Central Sentani phonology - Margaret Hartzler
Irian Vol.V (2), 1976 (pdf 5.1Mb)
    • An overview of the Bauzi verb phrase - Joyce Briley
    • A study of Sentani verb structure - Dwight Hartzler
    • Some inter-clausal relations in Kemtuk - Jelly van der Wilden
    • Simplicity and detail in Kemtuk predication - Jaap van der Wilden
    • Form and meaning in the Isirawa noun phrase - Hiroko Oguri
    • Discourse considerations in Bahasa Indonesia - Peter and Sheryl Silzer
    • On communication acts - Kenneth Gregerson
Irian Vol.V (3), 1976 (pdf 3.8Mb)
  • Shell capitalism among the Muyu people - J.W. Schoorl
  • Some notes on the verbal passive in Indonesian - John W.M. Verhaar
Irian Vol.VI (1), 1977 (pdf 2.5Mb)
  • Some Notes on the Myth of Koreri - Hans-Martin Thimme - text in Biak by A.C. Ap
  • Pottery Manufacture in Mansinam, Manokwari, Irian Jaya - Wilhelm G. Solheim II and Johsz Mansoben
  • Pottery Manufacture in Abar, Lake Sentani, Irian Jaya - Wilhelm G. Solheim II and Arnold C. Ap
Irian Vol.VI (2), 1977 (pdf 3.2Mb)
  • Reclassification of Some Irian Jaya Highlands Language Families: A Lexicostatistical Cross-Family Subclassification with Historical Implications - Gordon F. Larson
  • Observations on the History of Human Useage of Subalpine Areas near Mt. Jaya - Geoff Hope
Irian Vol.VI (3), 1977 (pdf 1.5Mb)
  • Body Image Idioms in Irianese and Papua New Guinean Languages - K.A. McElhanon
  • Some Counting Systems of Irian Jaya - Joyce Briley
  • Me and You Versus the Rest - Don Laycock
Irian Vol.VII (1), 1978 (pdf 1.2Mb)
          J.W. Schoorl
Irian Vol.VII (2), 1978 (pdf 2.8Mb)
  • The Mek languages of Irian Jaya with special reference to the Eipo language - Volker Heeschen
  • The Eipo, members of the Mek group in the highlands of Irian Jaya: A short introduction - Wulf Schiefenhövel
Irian Vol.VII (3), 1978 (pdf 2.7Mb)
  • Sejarah kepulauan Kofiau - F. and H. Mambrasar
  • Pandangan orang Mandobo tentang kejadian dunia dan sumber barang modern - Diakon Paskalis Kaipman
  • A tentative phonology of Una - Jan Louwerse
Irian Vol.VIII (1), 1979 (pdf 1.6Mb)
  • Some notes on the teaching of Standard Indonesian to speakers of Irianese Indonesian - Ignatius Suharno
  • Some figure and ground functions in Ambai narrative - Sheryl Silzer
Irian Vol.VIII (2), 1979
  • Not issued.
Irian Vol.VIII (3), 1979
  • Not issued.
Irian Vol..., 1980
  • Not issued. Bulletin recommenced publication in 1981.
Irian Vol.IX (1), 1981 (pdf 2.9Mb)
  • Adoption into a Sobei Clan - Joyce Sterner
  • Nimboran Phonology Revisited - Kevin and Wendy May
  • Spirit Alliance and Possession among the Isirawa - Carol Erickson
  • Day and Night Songs in Mairasi Festival Music - Nancy Peckham
Irian Vol.IX (2), 1981 (pdf 3.2Mb)
  • Nimboran Kinship and Marriage - Kevin R. May
  • On Cohesion in a Malay written text - Daniel C. Ajamiseba
  • A Pragmatic Account of Isirawa - Carol J. Erickson
Irian Vol.IX (3), 1981 (pdf 2.2Mb)
  • The Music of The Isirawa - Hiroko Oguri
  • Retention and Innovation in Sarmic Language: Reflexes of POC.**m - James T. Collins
  • "My Elders My Helpers" Mairasi Kinship and Marriage - Nancy Peckham
Irian Vol.X (1), 1982 (pdf 3.2Mb)
  • The Road of the Kuasep - J.J. van der Wilden
  • Berik Social Organization-and Kinship - Peter Westrum
Irian Vol.X (2), 1982 (pdf 2.7Mb)
  • Came, Female Cannibal Culture Hero - Carol Kalmbacher
  • ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE: A Mairasi View of the Spirit World - Lloyd Peckham
Irian Vol.X (3), 1982 (pdf 2.3Mb)
  • The Bauzi View of Ritual and Magic - Joyce E. Briley
  • Iau Kinship and Marriage - Janet Bateman
Irian Vol.XI (1), 1983 (pdf 2.4Mb)
  • Wandamen Kinship Terminology - Rachel Flaming
  • Berik Concepts of Health - Susan Westrum, R.N.
Irian Vol.XI (2-3), 1983 (pdf 4.0Mb)
  • From Tribal Economics to a Market-Oriented Economy - Doug Hayward
  • Time & Society in Dani Culture - Doug Hayward
  • A Social Soundness Analysis of Community Development Projects Currently being undertaken among the Dani of Irian Jaya, Indonesia - Doug Hayward
Irian Vol.XII, 1984 (pdf 6.8Mb)
          - Peter J. Silzer and Heljä Heikkinen

  • Fist year Bulletin produced as a single issue volume.
Irian Vol.XIII, 1985 (pdf 6.5Mb)
  • Some Notes on the Arandai Language - C.L. Voorhoeve
  • Irian Jaya: biological resources and rationale for a comprehensive protected area design - Ronald Petocz
  • What's in a Name? A descriptive study of Iau personal names - Helen Miehle
  • Kepercayaan Orang Wandamen - Nitya Ongkodharma
  • Happiness is Giving: Aspects of Tabla social organization - Ken Collier
Irian Vol.XIV, 1986 (pdf 8.7Mb)
  • Steps Toward Knowledge: male initiation practices among the Yali of Irian Jaya - John L. Wilson
  • Ketengban Kinship - Andrew Sims
  • My Row of Birds: Sawi kinship - John R. Mills
  • Dou Kinship Terms - Ivor Green
  • We, People of One Canoe, They, People of Wood: Two Asmat origin myths - C.L. Voorhoeve
Irian Vol.XV, 1987 (pdf 9.5Mb)
  • Primary Education in Irian Jaya: A qualitative background report with a proposed strategy - Daniel C. Ajamiseba
  • Dani Literacy: Explorations in the Sociolinguistics of Literacy - Roland Walker
  • Vernacular Literacy Programs in Irian Jaya: Ethnographic Perspectives - Larry M. Lake
  • Health Care Options and Attitudes among the Sentani - Margaret Hartzler
  • Illness and Traditional Medicines of the Tepera - Ken Collier
  • Kombai Kinship Terminology - Lourens de Vries
Irian Vol.XVI, 1988 (pdf 10.6Mb)
  • Kwerba Supernatural Beliefs - Jim de Vries - UNCEN/SIL
  • Momina Spirit Cosmology - Les Henson - RBMU International
  • Traditional Sawi Religion - Jim Yost - RBMU Internationl
  • Elopi Names - Eui-Jung Kim - UNCEN/SIL
  • Berik Grammar Sketch - Peter Westrum - UNCEN/SIL
Irian Vol.XVII, 1989 (pdf 5.9Mb)
  • The incidence and distribution of malaria among westerners in Irian Jaya - William H. Markle
  • Management of cerebral malaria in the Karubaga Primary Health Center, Jajawijaya District - Sudjlto, M.C.
  • The Yali and their environment - John D. Wilson
  • Sago Grub Festival - Hank Venema
  • The Kamrau Bay area: between Mimika and Maluku. A report of a short visit - Leontine E. Visser
  • Marriage alliance among the Moi of Irian Jaya (Indonesia) - Paul Haenen
  • Agriculture, soil, and climate in Irian Jaya - Patrick Haynes
  • Notes on Irarutu - B.C. Voorhoeve
Irian Vol.XVIII, 1990 (pdf 10.4Mb)
  • Irian Jaya Cultures: an Overview - Malcolm Walker, Johsz Mansoben
  • Indigenous Political Structure & leadership Patterns in Irian Jaya - Johsz Mansoben, Malcolm Walker
  • General Characteristics of Irian Jaya & Its Prospects for Development - John Davidson
  • The People of Irian Jaya - John Davidson
  • The Possibility of Deer-Farming in Irian Jaya - Agustinus Kilmaskossu
  • Kain Timur and the Payment of Fines: a preliminary study of the Karondori people of Irian Jaya's Bird's Head region - Naffi Sanggenafa
  • The Role of Women in Traditional Irian Jaya Societies as Exemplified among the Bauzi and Ketengban - Joyce K. Sterner
  • The Berik Literacy Program: from illiteracy to national language proficiency - Delle Matthews
  • Orthography Testing in Meah: using Meah or Indonesian semi-vowel rules - Gilles Gravelle
Irian Vol.XIX, 1991 (pdf 12.3Mb)
  • "I Too Am A Man" - Pinihas Bunggu, Simon Ti Eis, and Phil Fields
  • Of Paradise Lost: Orya Myth as Explanation and History - Martin Maware, Ruben Supra, Simon Ti Eis, and Phil Fields
  • Of Red Men And Rituals: The Ketengban Of Eastern Irian Jaya - Andrew Sims
  • Myth and Metaphor In Ketengban Pregnancy And Childbirth Practices - Ann Sims
  • Being An Mpur Woman: First Menstruation Through Infant Care - Carol Kalmbacher
  • Controls Of Red And White In The Bauzi Cycle of Reproduction - Joyce Briley
Irian Vol.XX, 1992 (pdf 4.9Mb)
  • Irarutu Kinship and Marriage - Michiko Matsumura
  • A Look at Cohesion, Mutual Obligation; Reciprocity, and Social Interaction among the Meah of Irian Jaya - Gilles Gravelle
  • Clan Competition and Sibling Rivalry - Sobei Social Organization - Joyce Sterner
  • Kaure Kinship: Obligations, Restrictions and Taboos - Peter B. Dommel
Irian Vol.XXI, 1993 (pdf 5.4Mb)
  • Languages of the Western Lakes Plains - Duane Clouse
  • Edopi Kinship, Marriage and Social Structure - Yun Hwa Kim
  • Yawa Marriage and Kinship: A Two-Section Iroquois System - Linda K. Jones
  • Korowai Kinship Terminology - Gerrit J. van Enk and Lourens J. de Vries
Irian Vol.XXII, 1994 ?
  • Irian was not issued between 1994-1999. It was revived with the publication of a single volume in 1999. This new issue was titled Irian, Bulletin of Irian Jaya Research and Development and was published by The Research Institute of Cenderawasih University.
Irian Vol.XXII (1), 1999 (pdf 4.6Mb)
  • Editorial
    • Greetings
    • UNCEN and Irian Jaya Research and Development - Ir. Frans A. Wospakrik, M.Sc., Rektor of Cenderawasih University
  • Articles
    • Demographic Transition and Demographic Policy in Irian Jaya - Michael C. Rumbiak
    • Cloth, Dress and Ethnic Identity in Irian Jaya - Michael C. Howard
    • Taboo as Sociolinguistic Shadow among Biak Speakers - Willy Mandowen
    • The Response of Dani Society to Tourism in Wamena - Onesimus Warwer
    • Irian Jaya Libraries and the Preservation of Indigenous Languages - A.C.Sungkana Hadi
  • Information
    • Evaluation of Environmental Risk in the Project Area of PT Freeport Indonesia - Wisnu Susetyo
    • Current Research Projects
    • Proposed Research Projects
Irian Vol.XXIII, 2000-2003 ?
  • The Bulletin has not been published again since the publication of Volume XXII (1), 1999.

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