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Bijleveld, Jeroen 1997 Dilemmas of Human Rights in Foreign Policy: Dutch and Australian Policies on Self-determination for West New Guinea and East Timor, PhD Dissertation, Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Sydney.

    © Jeroen Bijleveld, 1997. Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents
Chapter 1: Self-Determination, Human Rights and the Cases of West New Guinea and East Timor
Chapter 2: Foreign Policy Theories and Foreign Policy Making Processes in the Netherlands and Australia
Chapter 3: Foreign Policy Making in the Netherlands and Australia: Actors, Institutions and Procedures
Chapter 4: Dutch Policy and Self-Determination in the West New Guinea Case
Chapter 5: Self-Determination and Australian Foreign Policy in the West New Guinea Case
Chapter 6: Dutch Foreign Policy and the East Timor Case: 1974-1992
Chapter 7: Australian Foreign Policy and the Timor Case: 1974-1992
Chapter 8: Conclusions

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