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Blaskett, Beverley Anne 1989 Papua New Guinea - Indonesia Relations: A New Perspective on the Border Conflict, PhD Dissertation, Political and Social Change, Australian National University.
Judul: Hubungan Papua New Guinea - Indonesia: Pandangan Baru terhadap Konflik Perbatasan.

    © Beverley Anne Blaskett, 1989. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: abstract, table of contents, acknowledgements (pdf 328k)
Chapter 1: Making space within the constraints of the security setting-revising realist perspectives
         of the Papua New Guinea-Indonesia relationship (pdf 1.3M)
Chapter 2: The Regional Security Context and Bilateral Perceptions (pdf 1.1M)
Chapter 3: The Border and Border Policies to 1975 (pdf 2.9M)
Chapter 4: The Border and Administration in Papua New Guinea (pdf 2.2M)
Chapter 5: The Administration of Irian Jaya and Indonesian Development Policies in Irian Jaya (pdf 3.4M)
Chapter 6: The Structure: The Framework of Bilateral Border Relations (pdf 2.0M)
Chapter 7: The Implementation of Border Relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea - the issue of border security (pdf 1.6M)
Chapter 8: The Implementation of the Border Agreement: Border Development and its implications for the Refugee Issue (pdf 1.3M)
Chapter 9: Conclusion (pdf 287k)
Appendices (pdf 3.4M)
Bibliography (pdf 5.4M)

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