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Doran, Stuart 1999 Western Friends and Eastern Neighbours: West New Guinea and Australian Self-Perception in Relation to the United States, Britain and Southeast Asia, 1950-1962 PhD Dissertation, Division of Historical Studies, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra. (abstract - ringkasan).
    © Stuart Doran 1999. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: abstract, table of contents (pdf 212k)
Introduction (pdf 112k)
      Part I: Australia as a Middle Power
Chapter 1: The Genesis and Early Operation of a Hard-Line Liberal Government... (pdf 263k)
Chapter 2: The Refinement of Australian Policy, May-August 1950 (pdf 157k)
Chapter 3: Typical 1950s Australian WNG Policy: The United Nations... (pdf 248k)
      Part II: Australia as Power in Decline
Chapter 4: Turmoil in Indonesia, and Resultant Changes in the WNG Policies... (pdf 232k)
Chapter 5: Australian Attempts to Balance Interests in WNG and Indonesia... (pdf 218k)
Chapter 6: The Decline and Breakdown of the Policy of Balance... (pdf 263k)
Chapter 7: New Priorities in Action: the Visit of Dr Subandrio to Australia... (pdf 213k)
Chapter 8: Continuing Efforts to Put Indonesia First - Without... (pdf 255k)
Chapter 9: Reversion to a Hard-Line WNG Policy, January 1960- February 1961 (pdf 206k)
Chapter 10: Gathering Momentum in the Dispute and Concurrent Australian Attempts... (pdf 338k)
Chapter 11: Sukarno's Move and the Anglo-American Decision to force a Dutch... (pdf 295k)
Conclusion (pdf 107k)
Bibliography (pdf 571k)

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