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Eyde, David Bruener 1967 Cultural Correlates of Warfare Among the Asmat of South-West New Guinea, PhD Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, Yale University, Yale.
    © David Bruener Eyde, 1967. Reproduced with permission.
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Notation (to the PapuaWeb edition)
"After further thought, I now reject my suggestion that some men's houses are patrifilial and other matrifilial. Rather I am convinced that all are in principle patrifilial. I think that what my informants were trying to tell me was (1) Awok men's house group, which had split off from Namkay, stood still in an affinial relationship to Namkay, and (2) there were de facto a great many cases in Awok in which men had succeeded to their mothers' brothers fireplaces. The model of the men's house group is one of two groups of siblings and their descendants intermarrying. This is, I think, simply a matter of the concept of two 'conical kindreds' intermarrying writ large."
                                                                                                David Eyde, January 2003.
Title pages: abstract, table of contents, preface (pdf 346k)
Chapter I: Human ecology in the southwest New Guinea alluvial area (pdf 2.4Mb)
Chapter II: Warfare (pdf 619k)
Chapter III: Settlement pattern (pdf 2.1Mb)
Chapter IV: Population (pdf 667k)
Chapter V: Kinship (pdf 1.1Mb)
Chapter VI: Social organisation (pdf 2.8Mb)
Chapter VII: Conclusions (pdf 118k)
Appendices (pdf 1.7Mb)
Bibliography (pdf 138k)
Genealogies (diagrams) (pdf 160k)

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