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Annie Feith 2000 Strategies of Rule, Strategies of Resistance: Women and the West Papuan Nationalist Struggle, BA Thesis, School of Humanities and Social Science, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
    © Annie Feith 2000. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: abstract, table of contents (pdf 54k)
Introduction: West Papua and the thesis outline (pdf 57k)
Chapter 1: Examining the literature (pdf 71k)
Chapter 2: An Overview of West Papuan Politics (pdf 90k)
Chapter 3: Militarism, Gender Violence, and Resistance (pdf 75k)
Chapter 4: Yosepha Alomang, an Amungme woman's fight... (pdf 73k)
Chapter 5: 'Muma Papua' - Women's and Independence leader (pdf71k)
Conclusion (pdf 51k)
Bibliography (pdf 60k)

View entire thesis (melihat skripsi lengkap) (pdf 313k)

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