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Henson, Leslie 1992 The Momina Theme of Life: Developed Biblically, Theologically and Contextually (Irian Jaya), MA Missiology, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission.
    © Leslie Henson, 1992. Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.


This study responds to the need for understanding the current people movement among the Momina of Irian Jaya. The goal of the study is to encourage the Momina to contextualize the Christian message. The study examines the theme of life in the Momina Spirit cosmology and develops a contextual methodology for bringing text and context together in communal theology. The cultural context is analyzed using the world view core theme of life and its surface level motifs, showing their relationship to short and long term contextualization. The parallel Scriptural theme of life and its motifs are then biblically and theologically developed using a methodology derived from Van Engen's (1991) tapestry approach and Schreiter's (1986) approach to narrative theology. This is done to produce the narrative text which forms the basis for community theologizing.


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