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Louwerse, John 1987 Una (West-New Guinea) Worldview and a Reformed Model for Contextualizing Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel (Irian Jaya, Indonesian, Dutch Reformed), PhD Dissertation, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission
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Four major topics of crucial importance in cross-cultural communication of the Gospel are the source, media, receptor and contextual framework in which the communication occurs. A people's movement toward Christ among the Una people of Irian Jaya, Indonesia in the 1970's forms the historical background of this research. The focus is placed on the source, media and receptor causing this change and the contextual framework in which it occurred. In a receptor oriented ethnographic case study traditional Una and Dutch Reformed cultures and worldviews and their closest biblical parallels are investigated and their contrastive features compared. Subsequently Una basic assumptions and felt needs are compared in a componentional analysis with the basics of traditional Reformed teaching as described primarily in the highly esteemed Heidelberg Catechism. This theography has already been introduced into the Una cultural framework. The introductory study of the current felt needs of the Una people and the way those are addressed in Holy Scripture leads to an evaluation of the adequacy of traditional Reformed pedagogical manuscripts in the Una context. The major goal of this evaluation is aimed at providing suggestions toward a distinct Una contextualized theography and ministerial training program. This theography is one of Reformed signature and intended to be appropriate to contemporary Una felt needs. Its aim is an impacting, all-encompassing change in Una society, initiated by Holy Spirit inspired and guided activities of the Mission of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations (NRC). This research focuses in particular on Una and Dutch Reformed cultures and worldviews as well as ecclesiastical polity and mission policies of the NRC and the need for contextualization. However, this research also provides useful insights for other cross-cultural communicators ministering in similar environments. Thus it contributes significantly by providing contemporary insights into Mission Science and Inter-Cultural Studies.


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