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Nawipa, Noakh 1995 The Concept of Hai among the Amungme in the South-Central Highlands of Irian Jaya and its implications for non-formal education Ed.D. Dissertation, Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines (abstract - ringkasan).
    © Noakh Nawipa, 1995. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title page: abstract, table of contents (pdf 400k)
Chapter 1: Introduction (pdf 1.0Mb)
Chapter 2: Research of Related Literature (pdf 3.5Mb)
Chapter 3: Hai movements: their myths and their history (pdf 1.3Mb)
Chapter 4: A theological reflection on the concept of Hai (pdf 1.0Mb)
Chapter 5: Guidelines for adult non-formal Christian education (pdf 2.4Mb)
Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations (pdf 467k)
Appendices: (pdf 366k)
Bibliography (pdf 466k)

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