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Naylor, Larry Lee 1974 Culture Change and Development in the Balim Valley, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, PhD Dissertation, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (abstract - ringkasan).
    © Larry Lee Naylor, 1974. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: preface, table of contents (pdf 199k)
Chapter 1: The setting (pdf 530k)
Chapter 2: The fieldwork (pdf 1.3Mb)
Chapter 3: The perspective (pdf 564k)
Chapter 4: The culture (pdf 1.5Mb)
Chapter 5: The programs (pdf 1.7Mb)
Chapter 6: The change and analysis (pdf 1.4Mb)
Chapter 7: Conclusion (pdf 371k)
Exhibits (tables) (pdf 290k)
Bibliography (pdf 201k)
Appendices (pdf 88k)

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