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Naylor, Larry Lee 1974 Culture Change and Development in the Balim Valley, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, PhD Dissertation, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
    © Larry Lee Naylor, 1974. Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.


Culture Change and Development in the Balim Valley, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, is a study of induced culture change, specifically, the programs aimed at inducing culture change among the Grand Valley Dani found in the Central Highlands of Irian Jaya. The study is based on research undertaken from 1971 to 1973, as part of a joint program by Southern Illinois University and the United Nations Fund for the Development of West Irian (Irian Jaya). Under this program, research in the central highlands was to be carried out bearing on the issues and aspects of change and development. Because of this responsibility, the writer has chosen a broadly descriptive format rather than one dealing with only a few specific problems from the standpoint of some particular theory. In this sense, the study diverges slightly from the traditional anthropological study which is more narrowly defined.

The major concern of this study is with the programs undertaken by various agencies aimed at change and development (Chapter 5). Both the traditional Dani culture (Chapter 4) and the resultant culture of today (Chapter 6) are presented in a framework that makes possible a study of the extent of the changes that have taken place lu Dani society. The effects of the programs introduced by outside agencies are evaluated (Chapter 6) in order to assess the various factors and influences of such programs on the Dani (Chapter 6).

A second concern of this study is with presentation. Anthropological reporting has been deficient in presenting the circumstances surrounding the actual fieldwork which provides the raw data on which conclusions are drawn. Without such information, it is extremely difficult to determine to what extent the researcher may have superimposed his own experiences and beliefs on the material and subsequent conclusions. It is my belief that such information should be as much a part of a study as the raw data or analysis; thus the field experience (Chapter 2) and the perspective of the researcher (Chapter 3) have been presented.


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