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O'Hare, Martin 1986 Majapahit's Influence over WWanin in New Guinea in the Fourteenth Century, Bachelor of Letters Thesis, Asian Studies, Australian National University.
    © Martin O'Hare, 1986. Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.


Modern Indonesian history is studded with references to a glorious past. To many Indonesians, the Kingdom of Majapahit, encompassing an area from Sumatra to New Guinea, is the crowning glory of that past grandeur.

The concept of a Greater Majapahit has been generally accepted by most historians.

Chinese sources together with European accounts of Java indicate the potential for Majapahit to have traded with New Guinea. However, it would appear that Javanese trade in products from New Guinea was conducted in the islands west of the New Guinea mainland.

Based on the probability that Javanese traders did not trade directly with Wwanin, and in view of the long-standing Seramese influence in the area, it is possible that Majapahit's sovereignty over Wwanin was vested in Seram.


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