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O'Hare, Martin 1991 The Indonesian Military in Irian Jaya, MA sub-Thesis, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University.
    © Martin O'Hare, 1991. Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.


This sub-thesis is an account of the Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) in Irian Jaya. It examines the pursuit by the military of internal security and development objectives and the consequences for the population of Irian Jaya. Chapter 1 briefly looks at the broad roles of ABRI and their relevance to Irian Jaya. It provides an historical overview of the Indonesia-Dutch dispute over Irian Jaya and the arrival of ABRI in the province. My aim in chapter 2 is to detail the organisation and strength of military forces in Irian Jaya. This analysis leads to conclusions about the role of the military in the province and provides a framework from which to analyse Indonesian military activity in Irian Jaya. Chapter 2 also sets out to ascertain whether ABRI has the military capability in Irian Jaya to threaten Papua New Guinea. Chapter 3 examines the objectives of the military in Irian Jaya, how policies are implemented and the effect of policy implementation on the indigenous population. My aim is to find out how security is maintained in the province, the importance of development projects to military authorities and whether development projects take account of Irianese aspirations. The final chapter provides a brief summary of the discussion and the repercussions for Papua New Guinea and Australia of ABRI's internal security and development roles in Irian Jaya.


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