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Saltford, John Francis 2000 UNTEA and UNRWI: United Nations Involvement in West New Guinea During the 1960's, PhD Dissertation, University of Hull, Hull, UK (abstract - ringkasan).
    © John Francis Saltford, 2000. Reproduced with permission.
Use of any part of this thesis for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: abstract, table of contents, abbreviations, key individuals, chronology (pdf 699k)
Introduction (pdf 94k)
Chapter 1: Background. 1949-1962 (pdf 37k)
Chapter 2: Preparations for UNTEA (pdf 61k)
Chapter 3: UNTEA 1962 (pdf 321k)
Chapter 4: UNTEA 1963 (pdf 118k)
Chapter 5: Background to the United Nations return to West Irian... (pdf 310k)
Chapter 6: West Irian 1968 Part One (pdf 59k)
Chapter 7: West Irian 1968 Part Two (pdf 76k)
Chapter 8: 1969 January to May (pdf 97k)
Chapter 9: 1969 May to July (pdf 85k)
Chapter 10: The Act of Free Choice and its aftermath (pdf 402k)
Chapter 11: Conclusions (pdf 191k)
References: archival documents, bibliography, interviews, correspondence (pdf 455k)

View entire dissertation (melihat disertasi lengkap) - (pdf 3.2Mb)

This dissertation was published in December 2002 by RoutledgeCurzon (London) as:
The United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962-1969: The anatomy of betrayal [amazon.com].

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