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Kamoro natural resources and resource utilization (by Kal Muller)

The following notes are made available to Papuaweb by Kal Muller. They are working documents written from extensive fieldwork and research in the Kamoro region from 1995-2000. Some of this material has appeared in a report to PT Freeport in June 2000. (Papuaweb also has other notes by Kal Muller available, including general notes on the Kamoro and Amungme as well as a draft of his new book on the Biodiversity of New Guinea.)

If you have any comments on these notes or would like to contact Kal Muller about related research interests, please email him at: kalman_muller@fmi.com.

        © Kal Muller, 2004. Reproduced with permission.

Kamoro Natural Resources Utilization Study



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