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Ubi-Ubian - Root and Tuber Crops

This page has been compiled with the assistance of Ir. Alex Yaku and the Center for Root/Tuber crops and Sago Research (Pusat Penelitian Ubi-ubian dan Sagu) at the University of Papua, Manokwari.

Hypere: Jurnal Ilmiah Ubi-bian dan Sagu (indeks sementara 3.5Mb)


CIP-Indonesia Research Review Workshop, Bogor, March 2002 (selected papers)

These papers are reproduced from: Keith O. Fuglie (Editor) 2003 Progress in Potato and Sweetpotato Research in Indonesia. Proceedings of the CIP-Indonesia Research Review Workshop, held in Bogor, Indonesia. March 26-27, 2002, International Potato Center (CIP), Bogor, Indonesia. A complete version of this book is available online at www.eseap.cipotato.org/MF-ESEAP/Publications/PSP-2003/PSPReport-2003.htm. The following papers are reproduced with the permission of CIP Bogor. (biodata penyumbang lokakarya tersebut - biographical notes on workshop contributors)

The Second Taro Symposium, Manokwari, November 1994 (proceedings)

Jackson, G.V.H. and M.E.Wagih (Eds.) 1996 The Second Taro Symposium: Proceedings of an International Meeting Held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cenderawasih University, Manokwari, Indonesia, 23-24 November 1994, Cenderawasih University (Manokwari) and The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Lae).

      This document is available as a single PDF file (7Mb).

Indigenous Knowledge in Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources, Bogor, 1995 (selected papers)

These papers (pdf 3.2Mb) are reproduced from: Jürg Schneider (Editor) 1995 Indigenous Knowledge in Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources: Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Cisurua, Bogor, Indonesia, January 30-February 3, 1995, International Potato Center (CIP) and the Central Research Institute for Food Crops (CRIFC), Bogor, Indonesia. These papers are reproduced with the permission of CIP Bogor.

Skripsi - Theses

Untuk skripsi lain mengenai ubi-ubian silakan membaca ringkasan di daftar skripsi Unipa (terbaru).
(For other theses about tubers and root crops please read the abstracts of the new theses from Unipa)

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