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Anthropology and Ethnography
Uncen 1973-74 Uncen Research Reports (Walker et al)
© Copyright, Universitas Cenderawasih, 1973-1974. Reproduced with permission.

Note: The pdf versions of this journal have been made from scans of the best available original document. The shading and poor contrast evident in these pdf documents is on the originals. All pages remain legible and cropping has been kept to a minimun to ensure text and images are preserved. For more information about reading PDF files, see P-web's technical FAQs page.

  • No.1 - A socioeconomic survey of the fishing industry in Jayapura, (pdf 2.6Mb)
  • No.2 - A survey of the copra industry in Sorong, (pdf 2.7Mb)
  • No.3 - Produce markets and sources of supply in Jayapura, (pdf 2.8Mb)
  • No.4 - A socioeconomic survey of the Asmat region of Irian Jaya (1974) - (not yet available)
  • No.5 - Asmat Papers, No.1, (pdf 4.7Mb)
  • No.6 - Asmat Papers, No.2, (pdf 4.5Mb)

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