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Peta Satilit Pulau New Guinea - Satellite Map of the Island of New Guinea

(Peta dengan resolusi lebih tinggi - 1.0Mb - High resolution map)

This map is a montage of satellite images available from the National Geographic's Map Machine. It has been reproduced here to demonstrate the extremes of relief between the highlands and lowlands of the main island of New Guinea and its associated island groups (across Eastern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea). To the immediate north of the central mountain range in Papua (Jayawijaya Regency) the vast Mamberamo River Basin is clearly evident. The map also shows the submarine topography of oceanic ridges (the tops of some are islands) and deep trenches. Significant ridge/trench formations are evident to the south of Ceram Island and the Bird's Head, among the Kei and Aru islands and along the eastern fringe of the islands of New Britain and New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. (Some road networks in PNG are shown in red.) For the convenience of people with a specific interest in Papua, a smaller map showing only the western half of New Guinea is provided below.

Propinsi Papua - The Province of Papua

(Peta dengan resolusi lebih tinggi - 470k - High resolution map)

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