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Papua New Guinea land or tree snails are strikingly attractive with many species featuring beautiful colour variations. Some of the Solomon Islands snails are included because of the geological and faunal link with Bougainville Island, a Province of Papua New Guinea.

1. Papuina hedleyi SMITH. P.N.G. mainland.
2. Papuina cingulata HEDLEY. South coast of P.N.G.
3. Papuina acmella PFEIFFER. Bougainville & Solomon Islands.
4. Papuina meta PFEIFFER. Bougainville & Solomon Islands.
5. Papuina miser COX. Solomon Is.
6. Papuina allasteri COX. Solomon Is.
7. Papuina mendana ANGAS. Variable. Bougainville & Solomon Islands.
8. Papuina sellersi Cox. Solomon Is.
9. Papuina gamelia ANGAS. Bougainville Is.
10. Papuina macfarlanei COX. Bougainville & Solomon Is.
11. Papuina hermione ANGAS. Bougainville Is.
12. Papuina vexillaris PFEIFFER. Variable. Solomon Is.
13. Papuina adonis ANGAS. Variable. Bougainville Is.
14. Papuina densestriata FULTON. New Ireland.
15. Papuina beatrix ANGAS. Solomon Is.
16. Papuina fringella PFEIFFER. Solomon Is.
17. Papuina migratoria PFEIFFER. Solomon Is.
18. Papuina ambrosia ANGAS. Variable. Solomon Is.
19. Papuina leinardiana CROSSE. Solomon Is.
20. Papuina donnaisabellae ANGAS. Bougainville Is.
21. Papuina eddystonensis REEVE. Solomon Is.
22. Papuina taumantias TAPPARONE CANEFRI. Fly River basin, P.N.G.
23. Megalacron alfredi COX. Variable. Buka Is., Bougainville Group.
24. Megalacron boivini PETIT. Solomon Is.
25. Megalacron boyerii FISCHER & BERNARD]. Woodlark Is and eastern P.N.G.
26. Megalacron lambei PFEIFFER. New Britain & New Ireland.
27. Megalacron periwonensis DELL. Nissan Is., off eastern New Ireland.
28. Megalacron phaeostoma V.MARTENS. Extremely variable. New Ireland.
29. Megalacron admiralitatis RENSCH. Variable. Manus Is., Admiralty Group.
30. Papuina rudibunda TAPPARONE CANEFRI. Fly River basin, P.N.G.

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