illustration from Shells of Papua New Guinea, page 65

1. Megalacron tabarensis RENSCH. Tabar Island Group off eastern New Ireland.
2. Megalacron tabarensis mahurensis RENSCH. Mahur Is., Lihir Group, east of New Ireland.
3. Megalacron tabarensis anirensis RENSCH. Ambitle Is., Anir Group off eastern New Ireland.
4. Megalacron spadicea FULTON. New Ireland.
5. Megalacron spadicea dunckeri LESCHKE. St. Matthias Group, north of New Ireland.
6. Megalacron lufensis THIELE. Hermit Is., Ninigo Group, west of Admiralty Islands.
7. Megalacron novaegeorgiensis creta RENSCH. Vitu Is., north of New Britain. Extremely variable.
8. Megalacron novaegeorgiensis COX. Admiralty Island Group.
9. Megalacron klaarwateri RENSCH. Colour variable. Manus Is., Admiralty Group.
10. Papuanella ogeramuensis KOBELT. Vicinity of Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands.
11. Megalacron melanesia CLENCH & TURNER. Restricted to lower foothills behind Lorengau, Manus Is.
12. Rhynchotrochus taylorianus ADAMS & REEVE. Variable in size and colour. Found over most of P.N.G. and on nearby islands. R. yulensis, R. jucundus  and R.rhynchotus appear to merge with certain colour forms of R.taylorianus but are considered good species.
13. Rhynchotrochus williamsi CLENCH & ARCHER. Trobriand Islands.
14. Rhynchotrochus strabo BRAZIER. Similar to and as widely distributed as R.taylorianus. Colour variable.
15. Rhynchotrochus strabo dampierensis FULTON. A small distinct subspecies from Kar Kar Is.
16. Rhynchotrochus naso V.MARTENS. On south coast in vicinity of Port Moresby.
17. Rhynchotrochus gurgustii COX. Rossel Is., Louisiade Archipelago.
18. Rhynchotrochus kubaryi MOLLENDORFF. P.N.G. Mainland.
19. Rhynchotrochus rollsianus SMITH. D'entrecasteaux Group.
20. Rhynchotrochusalbocarinatus SMITH. Trobriand Is.
21. Rhynchotrochus wiegmanni V.MARTENS. Colour variable. New Britain and Siassi Islands. Abundant in latter area. Figs. 21 & 21a from West N. Britain and Siassi Islands; figs. 21b, c, d, & e, are attractively coloured forms from Kandrian, south coast of New Britain.
22. Rhynchotrochus woodlarkianus SOUVERBIE. Woodlark & Laughlan Is., Milne Bay Province.

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