Camaenidae, Helicarionidae
illustration from Shells of Papua New Guinea, page 66

1. Rhynchotrochus misima IREDALE. Louisiade Archipelago.
2. Rhynchotrochus louisiadensis FORBES. Sudest (Tagula) Is., & Nimoa Is., Louisiade Archipelago.
3. Canefriula rolandi IREDALE. Lower reaches Fly River.
4. Canefriula lacteolata SMITH. South coast of P.N.G.
5. Wahgia juliae CLENCH & TURNER. Mt.Hagen, Western Highlands.
6. Chloritis quercina PFEIFFER. Southern Bougainville Is.
7. Chloritisquercina hombroni PFEIFFER. Bougainville Is.
8. Papuina species. Fly River basin.
9. Chloritis eustoma PFEIFFER. Bougainville & Solomon Islands.
10. Chloritis conamphala GUDE. Solomon Is.
11. Chloritis bougainvillei PFEIFFER. Southern Bougainville Is.
12. Papustyla pulcherrima RENSCH. The well known Manus green snail!
13. Papustyla hindei COX. New Britain.
14. Papustyla xanthochila PFEIFFER. Southern Bougainville.
15. Sulcobasis (Goldielix) species. Fly River basin.
16. Meliobba mcmichaeli CLENCH & TURNER. North-west P.N.G.
17. Meliobba popondetta CLENCH & TURNER. Popondetta area, north-east P.N.G.
18. Meliobba goldiei BRAZIER. Foothills, south coast of P.N.G.
19. Mecyntera septentrionalis HEDLEY. Vicinity of Popondetta, P.N.G.
20. Crystallopsis hunteri COX. Solomon Is.
21. Papustyla lilium FULTON. Choiseul Is., Solomon Is.
22. Papustyla chancei COX. Colour variable. New Ireland & east New Britain.

23. Orpiella compluviata COX. Guadalcanal, Solomon Is.

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