Camaenidae, Ariophantidae, Achatinidae, Bulimulidae
illustration from Shells of Papua New Guinea, page 67

1. Letitia latiaxis SMITH. South coast, P.N.G.
2. Letitia chapmani COX. Rossel Is., Louisiade Archipelago.
3. Letitia brumeriensis FORBES. South-east P.N.G.
4. Letitia brumeriensis combriei ADAMS & ANGAS. Small and distinct subspecies from Moturina Is., Louisiade Archipelago. 5. Forcatia globula RENSCH. New Britain.
6. Forcatia buhleri RENSCH. Admiralty Group.

7. Naninia citrina LINNAEUS. A beautiful snail from the Huon Peninsula, P.N.G.
8. Naninia oldhamiana RENSCH. North-west coast of P.N.G.

9. Achatina fulica BOWDICH. A native of Africa, this species was introduced to P.N.G. during the war as a food for Japanese troops. It has spread rapidly and is now a pest throughout the mainland and larger offshore islands.

10. Placostylus cleryi RECLUZ. Guadalcanal, Solomon Is.
11. Placostylus manni CLAPP. Solomon Is.
12. Placostylus fraterculus RENSCH. Solomon Is.
13. Placostylus almirante CLENCH. Solomon Is.
14. Placostylus macgillivrayi PFEIFFER. Solomon Is.
15. Placostyluspalmarum MOUSSON. Solomon Is. Possibly a form of Ralmirante.
16. Placostylus miltocheilus REEVE. Solomon Is.
17. Placostylus hargreavesi COX. Solomon Is.
18. Placostylus strangei PFEIFFER. Solomon Is.

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