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Rohdewohld, Rainer 1995 Public Adminstration in Indonesia, Melbourne: Montech Pty Ltd.
    © Copyright Rainer Rohdewohld, 1995. Use of any part of this document for any purpose must be acknowledged.

Title pages: preface, table of contents, tables and figures (pp.i-x pdf 789k)
Introduction (pp.1-6 pdf 684k)
Chapter 1: The Socio-Political Environment of public administration in Indonesia (pp.7-27 pdf 2.3Mb)
Chapter 2: Public Administration in Indonesia: functions, structures and processes (pp.28-54 pdf 3.1Mb)
Chapter 3: Public Administration at the sub-national level (pp.55-92 pdf 4.6Mb)
Chapter 4: The Indonesian Civil Service (pp.93-119 pdf 3.1Mb)
Chapter 5: Budget and budgetry procedures (pp.120-129 pdf 950k)
Chapter 6: Transformation, reform, better utilisation... (pp.130-133 pdf 488k)
Annex (pp.134-147 pdf 915k)
Abbreviations and Glossary (pp.148-164 pdf 1.5Mb)
Bibliography (pp.165-170 pdf 494k)
Index (pp.171-179 pdf 861k)

Rainer Rohdewohld currently works in Jakarta with GTZ's SfDM project (see www.gtzsfdm.or.id).

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