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Januari 2012 - PapuaWeb - Januari 2012

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PapuaWeb is a non-aligned information exchange network hosted by the University of Papua (Unipa), Cenderawasih University (Uncen) and the Australian National University (ANU). The website - www.papuaweb.org - is a component of this broader collaborative project. While the project endeavours to provide open access to a comprehensive and diverse range of resources about Papua, the universities do not endorse materials on this website (see the peringatan-disclaimer). This information is available free to all users of the world wide web (www) and is intended to improve access to high-quality resources about Papua for researchers, development practitioners, government agencies and any other groups or individuals with an interest in the Indonesian province of Papua. This website currently hosts a wealth of documentation relevant to Papua and Indonesia, and more resources are added on a semi-regular basis. This process will accelerate if the project is able to secure ongoing funding for Papuaweb staff at Unipa and Uncen in Papua. Papuaweb is also in the process of expanding its collaborative network to include several government departments and additional educational institutions in Indonesia and abroad.

www.papuaweb.org has several major components. Over the past decade it has built a substantial digital library section (now with 100,000+ pages of documentation), a useful bibliographic reference section (with annotations on more than 1,000 recent and past publications about Papua), an Indonesian Government information section (with books, legislation and other useful resources for understanding various aspects of governance in the provinces (of Irian Jaya, West Irian Jaya and Central Irian Jaya), and an extensive online chronology (which lists many of the key events in Papua and Indonesia's history). The website also has a growing image archive which includes ethnographic illustrations and various maps of Papua and the region. For the first anniversary of the website (August 8, 2003), Papuaweb was pleased to release the first fully illustrated version of Alfred Russell Wallace's The Malay Archipelago on the web. In October of that year, we launched Terence E. Hays remarkable New Guinea Bibliography. This is an invaluable resource to scholars of both Papua and Papua New Guinea with more than 21,500 entries (1680 pages) for the island of New Guinea. In November 2003, we were delighted to make available a selection of 20 outstanding science theses written by students at the University of Papua and in 2004 we added more than 60 more theses from Unipa to this collection. More than 80 foreign language theses about Papua are now available in their entirety through www.papuaweb.org. More and more resources have been added since then and we continue to update the website as new thesis and other material become available. You can help! If you have any material to contribute, please contact the webmaster at infopapuaweb.org. You may view Papuaweb's list of around 400 theses in languages other than Indonesian or learn about the latest publications about Papua. For a full listing of the website's current resources, visit the site map.

Papuaweb continues to expand its network of scholars with an active interest in Papua and we are grateful to many of you for the generous contribution of your original works for distribution via this website (see the acknowledgements page). Papuaweb still relies on voluntary efforts although we remain ever hopeful we may secure some modest ongoing funding for the website project. Regrettably our webmaster and other P-web volunteers have other work commitments which have slowed website development, but we continue to seek a more sustainable footing for the website project.
Please email infopapuaweb.org if you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the website. If you have a web related problem, it may be discussed in Papuaweb's technical FAQs page, which is now also available in Belorussian!

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