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Technical questions about Papuaweb?
Please see the FAQs page.

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Have a question related to Papuaweb?
Please see the information page.

Pertanyaan lain tentang Papuaweb?
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Other questions related to Papuaweb?
Please contact infopapuaweb.org.

Sumbangan - Papuaweb - Contributions

You may send documents, photos, audio/video/film recordings, digital files or any other materials relevant to Papua care of (d/a) the Rektors at the University of Papua or Cenderawasih University (details below). You may also send research materials to the Papuaweb office at the Australian National University. Papuaweb reserves the right not to post materials. For more information about contributions to (and the use of) www.papuaweb.org see the website's terms and conditions.

Alamat - Papuaweb - Address

Proyek Papuaweb
d/a Rektor Ir. Yan Pieter Karafir, M.Ec.
Universitas Negeri Papua
Jl. Gunung Salju
Amban Manokwari
Papua 98314

Fax: +62 986 211455
Proyek Papuaweb
d/a Rektor Prof Dr Baltazar Kambuaya, MBA
Universitas Negeri Cenderawasih
Jl. Kamp Wolker
Kampus Uncen Waena
Papua 99358

Fax: +62 967 572102

or to the Papuaweb Office at ANU,

Papuaweb Project
c/o Dr Michael Cookson
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

Fax: +61 2 6125 5525

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