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These pages written by Michael Cookson for www.papuaweb.org.
(Last update - 26 February, 2009)

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An annotated guide to 11 Papua related websites or webpages with the general themes of:


Solidarity and support groups for Papuan self-determination and independence are typically constituted as NGOs and based outside Indonesia. During the New Order era this afforded such groups impunity in their critiques of Indonesian government policy and practices in Papua (and other regions of Indonesia and East Timor). The often brutal suppression of dissent by the New Order government made this strategum essential. While there have been considerable reforms in the decade since the fall of the New Order government, many of these groups still campaign (as part of an international civil society) for Papuan rights and self-determination, including such far-flung groups as:
      ProPapua (The Netherlands http://members.chello.nl/g.thijssen4)
      WestPan (Victoria, Canada http://www.westpapua.ca)
      WestPan US (New York, United States http://www.wpaction.org)
      Free West Papua (Oxford, United Kingdom http://www.freewestpapua.org)
      West Papua Action (Dublin, Ireland http://westpapuaaction.buz.org)
      AWPA (Sydney, Australia http://www.zulenet.com/awpa)
      German Free West Papua Campaign (http://www.freewestpapua.de, part of fPcN Germany)

These groups provide a range of critical and alternative news perspectives on Papua, including the West Papuan Courier (http://www.westpapua.nl). The existence of at least three different West Papua Information Kits on the web indicates the organic nature of these movements (see http://wpik.org, http://au.geocities.com/awpab/kit.htm and the original 1995 kit in html format http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/cline/papua/core.htm).

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