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These pages written by Michael Cookson for www.papuaweb.org.
(Last update - 2 April, 2009)

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An annotated guide to 18 Papua related websites or webpages with the general themes of:


Education in Papua and West Papua provinces is largely the responsibility of the Provincial Department of Education and Teaching (see http://www.dikjarpapua.org for Papua province). Distance and internet education are centrally coordinated through an initiative intended to provide fast and free internet connections for educational institutions across Indonesia (http://www.jardiknas.org) although the program has met with mixed results in Papua. The Indonesian Department of Education also has a digitisation project which provides textbooks from the state curriculum to registered members (see http://bse.depdiknas.go.id).

By late 2002 the State University of Papua (Universitas Negeri Papua, Unipa) in Manokwari and the Cenderawasih State University (Universitas Negeri Cenderawasih, Uncen) in Abepura/Jayapura both had a modest web-presence. Unipa’s website still provides useful information about the university and its programs but the site has changed little over the years (see http://www.unipa.ac.id/index.php). Unipa's website does host an online forum but many academics at the university rely on a closed university newsgroup (email list) for information exchange. Today the situation at Uncen is dire. Uncen's website had a reasonable start but various later attempts to revamp the site have failed and it has been defunct for several years (see http://www.uncen.ac.id and track the website's spasmodic changes at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.uncen.ac.id). Web searches for Uncen yield only fragmentary pages or blogs written by lone Uncen academics (such as http://uncen.wordpress.com). The situation is little better for most other tertiary institutions in Papua although the Institute of Science and Technology in Jayapura has an impressive new web-presence (http://www.ustj.ac.id). For smaller colleges collaborations, such as the one between STIMIK 10 November Jayapura and Gunadharma University, suggest cost-effective alternatives to address this problem (see http://www.stimiksepnop.ac.id). The only way to get information about most other tertiary institutions in Papua is to search the web by institution (see list below) or academic staff:

List of Higher Education institutions in Papua

NO   Educational Institution    Address 
1    Universitas Cenderawasih (UNCEN)    JL. Raya Sentani Padang Bulan Abepura-Jayapura 
2    Universitas YAPIS Papua (UNIYAP)    Jl. Nusa Tenggara Dok V Atas 
3    STIE Otto dan Glesier Jayapura    Kotaraja Dalam 
4    STIKOM    Jl. Raya Abe Pantai Abepura 
5    Universitas Sains dan Teknologi Jayapura    Jl. Raya Sentani Padang Bulan 
6    STISIPOL Silas Papare Jayapura    Jl. Gurabesi Jayapura 
7    STIE Port Numbay Jayapura    Jl. SUmber Kayu Entrop - Jayapura 
8    STT Fajar Timur    Jl. Raya Sentani Padang Bulan 
9    STT GKI I.S. Kijne Jayapura    Jl. Raya Sentani Abepura 
10    STT Bethel Jayapura    Jl. Raya Sentani Padang Bulan 
11    STT Theologia Baptis Kotaraja    Jl. Jeruk Nipis Kotaraja - Jayapura 
12    Akademi Kesehatan Terpadu    Jl. Raya Sentani Padang Bulan 
13    STISP Waena    Jl. SPG Waena - Jayapura 
14    ASMI Jayapura    Jl. Ampibi Hamadi - Jayapura 
15    Akademi Pariwisata Jayapura    Jl. Kelapa Dua Entrop - Jayapura 
16    Akademi Maritin Ampari    Jl. Argapura Jayapura 
17    STAIS Al-Fatah Jayapura    Jl. Gerilyawan No. 26 Abepura 
18    STA Lessanusa    Jl. Wolker Sentani 
19    STT Wolter Pos Sentani    Jl. Pos VII Sentani 
20    STAKIN Sentani    Jl. Raya Sentani - Depapre 
21    STAK Burere Sentani    Jl. Depan Yonif 751 Sentani 
22    STIPER St. Thomas Aquinas Jayapura    Jl. Raya Sentani No. 39 Abepura 
23    STT Kejuruan Sentani    Sentani 
24    STIH Umel Mandiri Jayapura    Kotaraja 
25    STT GIDI Jayapura   Jayapura 
26    Akademik Perawat Yanmas Dok VIII Jayapura    Jayapura 
27    STIE Ottow & Geissler Serui    Jl. Hasanuddin Serui 
28    Universitas Negeri Papua Manokwari    Jl. Gunung Salju Amban - Manokwari 
29    STIH Manokwari    JL. Karya ABRI Manokwari 
30    Sekolah Alkitab Manokwari    Jl. Sawi IV Manokwari
31    Pliteknik Pertambangan Migas    Manokwari 
32    Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Penyuluhan Pertanian    Manokwari 
33    STIH Bintuni    Bintuni Manokwari 
34    STIH Mah Esa Manokwari    Manokwari 
35    STIA Karya Dharma Merauke    Jl. Brawijaya - Merauke 
36    STAK Merauke    Merauke 
37    STTM Merauke    Merauke 
38    Universitas Al-Amin Sorong    Jl. Awak KM 8 - Sorong 
39    STIA Ilmu Dakwah Sorong    Jl. Jend. Basuki Rahmat - Sorong 
40    STIE Victoria Sorong    Jl. KM 12 - Sorong 
41    STIE Trinitas Sorong    Jl. Nusa Indah Klademak III - Sorong 
42    Akademi Perikanan Sorong    Jl. Tanpa Garam - Sorong 
43    Akademi Perawat    Jl. KM 12 - Sorong 
44    Sekolah Tinggi Agama Kristen Sorong    Remu - Sorong 
45    STT GIDI Sorong    Sorong 
46    Politeknik San Paul Sorong    Sorong 
47    STKIP Wamena    Jl. Yos Sudarso - Wamena 
48    Sekolah Tinggi Agama Kristen    Jl. Mayjen DI Panjaitan No. 7 - Wamena 
49    STIA Al-Yapis Wamena    Wamena 
50    Akademi Bahasa Asing Wamena    Wamena 
51    STIE Ottow & Geissler Fakfak    Jl. Imam Bonjol - Fakfak 
52    STT GPI Fakfak    Jl. Kapiten Patimura - Fakfak 
53    STIA Asy Syafiyah Kaimana    Kaimana Fakfak 
54    Akademi Perawat    Fakfak 
55    STIE Jambatan Bulan    Timika 
56    Politeknik Amamapare Timika    Timika 
57    STIE Amor Timika    Timika 
58    UPAMA Timika    Timika 
59    STIE Koreri Biak    Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani - Biak 
60    ATB Manfakwa Biak    Jl. BTN SD YPPK - Biak 
(Source: http://www.dikjarpapua.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=26)

By contrast, several high schools in Papua lead the tertiary sector with their websites:
        SMK Negeri 1 Sentani (
        SMK Negeri 1 Nabire (http://www.smkn1nabire.com)
        SMK Negeri 2 Jayapura (http://smkn2jayapura.org).
Hillcrest International School in Sentani, which caters for many of the children of missionaries working in the province, also has a web-presence (see www.hismk.org).

Research on Papua is being conducted all the time by Papua-based researchers working in all areas of the physical and social sciences. Yet despite the prolific work of some researchers in Papua, little of their work may be found on the web. The most important single resource for research related to Papua on the web is Papuaweb.org (You're using it !! at www.papuaweb.org) which hosts a substantial collection of published and unpublished works on Papua, including many theses by students in Papua (see www.papuaweb.org/unipa/dlib-s123/index.html). Papuaweb also hosts many images and maps (see www.papuaweb.org/gb/peta/index.html). The Papuaweb site also recognises the importance of research in neighbouring Papua New Guinea and the region for researchers working on Papua. This regional importance is also apparent elsewhere on the web, including sites on Papuan Insects (www.papua-insects.nl) and orchids in Papua New Guinea (www.orchidspng.com).

[Links for Scientific and Social research in Papua have yet to be added to this virtual library].

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